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  1. Yesterday
  2. Changing my screen name here to Jeremy Wade
  3. Alright Chanel and I will attend. Bringing a big-o dish of homemade Macncheese! Can’t wait to see everyone.
  4. Last week
  5. Awesome! May take a couple of days for the fish to get used to it.
  6. thanks again @PetesFolly got a shelf from work for iPad cases rigged up to sit on the rim and hold the trap. Works like a charm. Now the waiting begins...
  7. Thanks Pete's that stain is called worn navy. It was a leap of faith, I like how it turned out. I planned to paint it if the stain didn't work. Take care
  8. Bummer - working, or else I would be there (living in Carmel now).
  9. We are looking forward to seeing everyone! Finally time to get together for a positive event.
  10. Yes, that is the one I got from you.
  11. Thanks! unfortunally I don’t believe I will be attending the meeting or the swap. 🤷‍♂️😞
  12. That would be great I am hoping I only need it for one time use. I work on 96th so that is on my way home to Fishers. I will text you this evening and see if I can swing by!
  13. Yeah very cool Paul...would be something to take to the swap too!!
  14. Very nice! Wish I would have seen this post before we bought our masks. Bring some to the summer social, you may be able to sell a few.
  15. Awesome! Is that the RBTA you got from me? If so, be careful, mine keep splitting. I have about 7 of them now in my frag tank.
  16. I will be home all weekend. 11375 Whitewater Way, Fishers. east of 116th and Cumberland Rd. Neighborhood with be on the south side of 116th. Spyglass Falls. Waterfalls at the entrance. You can text me at 317-213-4832 if you decide to come pick it up this weekend.
  17. I have a fish trap that you can hang in the aquarium that you can borrow. I am in Fishers. I have the same fish and noticed that one of my frag rocks a missing a bunch of Zoa's....Guess I know now what is happening to them. I thought they were reef safe as well.
  18. Very nice! Looking forward to seeing the progress! Love the color of stain you chose.
  19. Marcia and I will be there! May talk Kyle into coming as well. He's been home from Purdue since Spring Break so I don't think it will be too hard to convince him to do something social. Hanging out with mom and dad everyday at 22 can get old quickly! Can't wait to see everyone!
  20. Here is another shot of the canopy. It is going to hang from the ceiling. I am using griplock cable system
  21. I have my light box done. I'm real happy how it came out. 400W x 2 MH and 2 Reefbrite 48" atinic blue
  22. $45 at PA...can bring home the icecap medium trap for you Monday if you are working down at greenwood if that helps
  23. I’ve been trying at night With a flashlight but still too quick for me to catch with net. Gotta figure something else out
  24. Has since eaten two more types of higher end zoas and finished off the moneyshots. He gotta go
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