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Found 3 results

  1. The time has come for us all to set our smart phones for the best day in reefing around! The 2018 INDMAS Annual Frag Swap is just around the corner and scheduled for March 17th, 2018. And we are in a new location for the St. Patrick frag action just 18 miles from downtown Indy...in Danville! If you think last year was action packed…you don’t want to miss the NEW, larger venue. This year we have added a speaker before the event, will have 2 food trucks, and have plans for even cooler raffles! Our vendors and hobbyists will have tons of corals for you to shop for from 12pm to 4pm. Wear something green and get a door prize...while supplies last! More information will be posted shortly regarding the volunteers needed, tables for vendors and hobbyists that have booked, a frag swap FAQ, and more! Tentative Schedule for the day is as follows: 10am: Pre-registration for Speaker & Event 10:30am – 11:30am: Speaker Presentation 11:30am: Early entry into Swap for Speaker Attendees 12pm to 4pm: 2018 INDMAS Frag Swap Set your calendars, and start the list of corals you must have for 2018!
  2. Fall is just around the corner and everyone will be giving their tanks a little more love with summer events slowing down. This year INDMAS is proud to announce our Inaugural Retro Frag Swap. Remember the days when it was just everyone showing up with bags of corals and not walking away from the swap seeing spots from all the blue LEDs? If you enjoy the good ol' fashion frag swaps from a just a few years back you'll love this one. When: Saturday September 12th @ 4 PM Where: Bill's house (TYRFIN) 7619 Dartmouth Road Indianapolis, In 46260 Rules: INDMAS Members Only Corals will need to be labeled in bags, specimen containers, Tupperware, etc. No tables or tanks set up for this event (Bring that special Orphek Azurelite to see those corals pop) Please don't forget to bring coolers for insulation to keep them at optimal temperature. (Should the temperature be far from 75-80 pick up a cold/hot pack) Raffle: No purchase of tickets required, all INDMAS members will get one raffle ticket and first choice at one of the following prizes (Over $500 worth of great prizes. Special thanks to Bulk Reef Supply for donating the RO/DI, INDMAS has provided the rest!) 1 x BRS 4 Stage Value Plus RO/DI System donated by Bulk Reef Supply 1 x Gas generator for those power outages 1 x BRS 2 Part Calcium and Alkalinity Total Package 1 x Hanna Alkalinity Checker 1 x BRS Coral Propagation Tool Kit with Glue 1 x Coral Dipping Kit (Coral RX and silicone coral strainer) 1 X Ocean Wonders Magnetic Frag Rack 2 X Coral Frag Kits (Plugs, Epoxy, Glue) ***Each INDMAS Member will receive one raffle ticket and winners will choose from what great prizes are left! Registration: We're trying out a new site for this swap to post your corals and get those reservations out there for some great coral. Check out ReefTrader to register for the swap and post your beautiful corals and reserve those you've been after. If you see something you've been after make sure and register for it and pick it up early at the event. Should you have any questions just ask! Non-INDMAS Members SIGN UP TODAY: For those that might not yet be an INDMAS Member make sure and sign up here today! You'll have access to the full site, buy/sell forums, gallery, free admission to our spring Frag Swap (Best in Midwest!), access to the Inaugural Retro Frag Swap and chance at the $500 prizes above, and the wealth of knowledge in our club at the monthly meetings! Registering for the membership before the event is most ideal but should you have any questions or concerns please reach out to Brandon (ReefNewby82) who is our outstanding Membership Chair! Any of our INDMAS Staff Members would be happy to help you out on any other questions or concerns too. If you procrastinate, you can always sign up at the event. September is our annual INDMAS Member Recognition/Drive Month. Thank all those around that have been so helpful in your builds & problems and recruit that friend that could use some support from a great and growing local club.
  3. Hello all... I have 2 fish that have outgrown my 110G Reef, a Blue Hippo Tang and Single Spot Foxface.... I am hoping to trade them for 2-3 other smaller fish or possibly sell them. Both fish were introduced into my system 4 years ago at the same time. They are very healthy and I would love to see them go to the same tank if possible.... 250 gallon + would be the best situation... Both fish would be considered "Large" according to size and standards. MAKE ME AN OFFER I CAN'T REFUSE!
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