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Found 4 results

  1. I wanted to show everyone my system:-) It’s a 40G breeder mixed reef. It’s a neat little system. I am successfully growing SPS and LPS without issues... Also softies of course. I designed it from scratch. This is only my second reeftank. For filtration i have a corner overflow housing a small filter sock with marinepure media underneath. This is also where the mj90” pump is for my ATS and ATO censors. Sounds cluttered but it really not. I’m running a reef racer turf scrubber and Aquamaxx hob 1.5 protein skimmer. No sump. I run kalk in my ato reservoir. I use a tunze osmolator 3155. I also
  2. Looking for some nice frags often leads us to look multiple places. In an attempt to make it easier for everyone looking to find that special show piece I decided to try and compile a list of local and E-vendors that sell livestock at this time. This isn’t a comprehensive list so if you know of a reputable dealer please post and I will try and update when I have the time. List is in no particular order Local Vendors Modern Aquatix: www.modernaquatix.com 5508 Elmwood Ave. #410 Indianapolis, IN 46203 Premium Aquatics: www.premiumaquatics.com 401 E Center Cross St, Edinburgh, IN 46124
  3. Fall is just around the corner and everyone will be giving their tanks a little more love with summer events slowing down. This year INDMAS is proud to announce our Inaugural Retro Frag Swap. Remember the days when it was just everyone showing up with bags of corals and not walking away from the swap seeing spots from all the blue LEDs? If you enjoy the good ol' fashion frag swaps from a just a few years back you'll love this one. When: Saturday September 12th @ 4 PM Where: Bill's house (TYRFIN) 7619 Dartmouth Road Indianapolis, In 46260 Rules:
  4. Hello All, This will be my first post here - moved to Indy from NJ last month and finally have some time to start a journal of my tank build. Any input is encouraged and local information (good places for live rock, SPS, etc.) also welcome. I'll pay my dues and become a member when I get home from work - for now you'll have to settle for the specs. I'll update the next chance I get. Synopsis: The system will be 2 tanks connected to a common 10 gallon sump. The first tank is a 22G Mr.Aqua Rimless (36x12x12) and the second is a JBJ 30G (24x18x19). The 22G will be a dedicated SPS tank with a ba
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