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Found 6 results

  1. Hi again all. Back from the reef-less place again, kind of. This is my work showcase tank. Started this in March of 2021 on the first day of my new job; after a drastic change of direction in my career path. At it's core it is a FluvalSEA EVO 13.5 with the standard filtration block in chamber 2, the FluvalSEA PS2 Mini Protein Skimmer (replaced 3 times due to pump failures) in chamber 1. The circulation pump and heater occupy chamber 3 and both have been upgraded from the recommended specs for more constant/reliable temperature regulation and more flow respectively. An old-skool deep sandbed wasn't really practical with the given space, so I tried my best to get a really well populated 2-3 inches (with bugs from as many different places as I could managed and using two varieties of pre-packaged live-sand for the base. Corals consists of donated frags from regular customers along the way, some frugal rescues of stressed/damaged frags, and cherry-picked favorites purchased from Petco (Bloomington Magnet Store), Tidal Gardens (online), and most recently Modern Aquatics (Stellar corals there!). Personal highlights include: - a branch of "Tracy Morgan" gorgonian (center-stage on the sand) - a nuclear candy cane (bottom-left on the rock base) - some Bam-bam zoas (middle-right behind some C. prolifera) - a recovering-from-brown-out rainbow monti (top-center behind the "E" in "GREAT"). I'm a plant-hoarder at heart, so there are also 3 varieties of Caulerpa sp., Codium sp. mounds, Gracilaria. Fish are limited to: - Koumansetta rainfordi "court jester" or "Rainfordi" gobies (2) - Stonogobiops yasha "Yasha gobies" (2) - Elacatinus multifasciatus "green-banded gobies" (2) - Acanthemblemaria hastingsi "cortez blenny" (1; received as a panamic barnacle blenny) Because I'm me, the fish are pretty secondary to the inverts which include: - Fire cleaner shrimp (1) - Red-banded pistol shrimp (2; paired symbiotically, one each with the Yasha gobies) - Pom-pom crabs; with pom-poms! (3) - Sexy shrimp (6) - Bumblebee shrimp (2) - porcelain crab, white with brown spots; filter feeder (1) - anemone crab, green-brown with teal highlights; filter feeder (1) - Bumblebee snails (5) - Nerite snails (3) - Stomatella snails (many) - Collonista snails (many) - Asterina stars (many) - Brittle micro stars (several) Good to be back. Cheers, Scott "Densityman" Chevalier
  2. Just launched my channel where I’ll be posting my progress with the BioCube16 with a focus on Beginner Tips. Feel free to Subscribe to follow-along and interact in the comments on YouTube! The tank is 3 months old. However, the series will start from day 0, before adding salt. First video is an intro. Planning to do a 5-10min review of the BioCube16 soon and will follow with all of the steps of aquascaping, cycling, & stocking the tank. Intro Video:
  3. Hey guys! My wife gave me the green light to set up another tank! 😬 It's my very first saltwater tank from back in 2007! a JBJ 12 gallon nano cube! I decided to go with black sand this time and I purchased my first LED light fixture! A Kessil A80 - I am loving it for the whole hour it's been on! Haha Just received my sand, light and a few other goodies today. Water went in within the past hour. Very anxious to get the ball rolling on this one! 😁
  4. This is my first marine tank with corals. Its been going pretty well over the last two months other then a bit of a problem with purple slime. I became a official member at the frag swap and that is also where I got all of these corals. The orange one at the top center of the tank is what I got for free with becoming a member. I have no idea what its called so if anyone can identify it that would be cool. I also have a question about my green pally. A couple days after I got it home a white bump appeared on its side and has been growing since then. It now quite large and forcing the polyp to be half closed when its open. My best guess is that it might be a tumor but I don't know if coral can even get cancer like that. Luckily the three smaller polyps around it seem to being doing well. First image is of the first day and second is of the tank today. The growth circled in red. There is also some purple cyano stuck to it. Polyps are all closed because I took this during night time.
  5. Hello All! Been out of the hobby for about 6 years and just diving back in. Used to operate a 220g mixed reef on the SW-side of Indy but had to tear it down and part it out when we moved to our new home in Franklin Township (SE-side). Anyway, my grand plans to transfer everything to the new home as an in-wall system with a dedicated garage-based fish room suffered delay after delay and my consolation prize was a beautiful baby girl, so not a total loss! ;-) So now the baby is a 4-year old and I've got another baby girl, but my wife thinks it's a good time to put our toes back in the water and introduce the little members of our family to the hobby we enjoyed so much years ago. What I'm looking for now is recommendations for nano/smaller reef tanks, preferably between 20-40 gallons and ideally all-inclusive with built-in-sump and lighting. The two that have me intrigued right now are the JBJ Nano Cube 28g LED Pro and the Red Sea Max C-130 (34g). It seems the trend right now is rimless tanks, which would be fine were it not for small, inquisitive hands, but with my house's current bio-load I think there would be compatibility issues. :-) Aesthetics are definitely important (to the Mrs, mostly), so I don't foresee a large amount of modding and after-market additions to the DT (certainly considering an additional sump in the stand below, though), but at the same time I want to have the capability to keep all types of corals, including SPS, clams, etc. So I guess this is a long way of saying, "If you were in my spot and starting again fresh, what would you be looking at?" Thanks in advance for the insight! Gary
  6. Considering a jbj picotope for my office desk. I routinely have frags sent to the office and have to rush home to acclimate them. So I am considering getting one of these for my convenience and viewing pleasure. At 45 bucks for the glass, basic filter and a 50/50 light seems like a good deal. Since I am doing softies I assume this basic setup will suffice for small zoas and palys. Does anyone have experience with a pico or in particular with this item? And if so, what specific products are you using as upgrades?
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