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Found 5 results

  1. So, i'm in the middle of setting up my 60 cube and i'm still deciding on my lighting, (leaning toward t5/led hybrid). What are guys running and have you had success with it?
  2. I have a Mix Reef going and it's doing well. My husband keeps asking for fish that I can not put in my reef so I bought him a 75g for a FOWLR tank. This is a new place for me for I have never looked into a FOWLR tank. Ok, so what do I NEED for this tank? Is it the same as a reef? Different lighting? Does the sand bed need to be deep? What CUC would I put in there? Or do we just need to be the CUC? This tank will also be getting a sump under it cause this stand has room for a one piece tank under it. Is there a good article you can point me too? I have some live rock already for the
  3. I have a Marineland 24-36" programmable LED light 20 gallon NO fish tank (being loaded with animals very soon) Specs from label 23 white 10K LED, 4 Blue 460nm LED, 32.3 watts My thoughts Tank gets indirect light all day so I am not concerned with white light "RIGHT / WRONG" White light starting at 8 am > 10am ??? Blue light 9am > ~8/9pm ?? 8/9pm > 8am "dark" no light other than house lighting and time to feed I appreciate any help I can get John
  4. I current'y have a 75g mixed reef. I was having great success with it until I moved about 4 months ago. Since moving I lost a RBTA to a power head and a couple sps frags... I have another RBTA, but it looks deathly, but its mouth is shut and never gaps. He was running laps around the tank, but about two weeks ago found a spot it likes. I replaced my bulbs last January, so it has been right around 10 months since all of them have been in. I am hoping that replacing the current bulbs will help the RBTA and continue growing all of LPS. How many bulbs would you say I need? I was running 4 ATI bulb
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