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  1. So I will be moving sometime at the end of the year/ beginning of next year. I will be going from city water to well water. Any thing I need to consider that would be different or need to prepare for? I will also be going from a slab to a crawlspace. I plan on putting it in the corner where 2 load bearing walls are. Will/ should I need to support the floor from below? This is a 200g 3'x4' tank.
  2. Snapped a few pics the other day. I really need to go to a frag swap want to get some zoas for my rock wall.
  3. Thought this was neat. https://www.facebook.com/NeptuneSystems/videos/1467911003220619/
  4. I had to do the same thing to mine Ross. It will help with the noise.
  5. Really sucks this is the first swap I will miss since I started reefing 7 years ago. Will be in Florida on spring break..... Was really wanting to get some corals to stock that back wall of my tank too.
  6. Tank is starting to look a lot better. Rose bubbles have taken over again....
  7. My female is working on 8 years in may think the male is around 5.
  8. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-4121094/My-deadly-pet-fish-cleaning-aquarium-left-retired-bus-driver-killer-infection.html
  9. Saw this they are small. http://www.nyaquatic.com/purple-tang-zebrasoma-xanthurus-1-2/
  10. Couple pics I snapped. https://youtu.be/C9fye_SjxYE Also my first real skimmer cup clean out I had I would say some very sticky residue on the inside of the cup. I spent 15 mins scrubbing just a small area before giving up. I'm guessing it's what is and has been giving me fits for the past 3 months. At least the skimmer is pulling it out. Hopefully I can get it off the collection cup. Thoughts?
  11. Bought me a big ole fat Blue throat Triggerfish from Modern last Friday. Had an itch to get something new like a coral or something and saw it in there. I just couldn't help myself lol. Still hasn't really came out I get glimpses here and there.
  12. Finally the skimmer calmed down and so did the micro bubbles. Can't wait to see a nice big full cup of skimmate.
  13. Now to get to the root of the microbubbles. I get a lot a velocity from the return. Also the skimmer seems to drop a lot of bubbles. Could the return pump or plumbing itself be causing the issue? I'll take some pictures later. Ideas? GO!
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