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  1. I am going to try and make this one. My wife may join us.
  2. Guess what... I am working. I really wish I could be there. Weekends are the worst for me. Hope you all have fun.
  3. I had a great time while attending MACNA 2017 in New Orleans. Drank plenty of beer, got to know some club members better, and it renewed some of my gusto to improve my tank. Since being home I have been spending much more time playing with the tank and re-planning a few things. With that being said its time to start planning for next year. I know a few of us have already paid for, and plan on going. This year MACNA will be going on in Las Vegas. I hope some of you will be going, and for those of you on the edge of going its a nice vacation from work and home. I figured I will start a for
  4. Radion Gen4 Pros with supplemental T5 bulbs. Just switched a few months ago from orphek V2s just due to the fact I needed more lights and couldn't find 2 more of the older versions. I have been happy with the Radions this time. Good Spread of light and have been growing the corals well. Wife even noticed the difference and she usually doesn't pay attention to the tank
  5. I will be coming as well. I got a few days off and will be able to make my second meeting in 4+ years.
  6. I framed and dry walled my fishroom a few years ago. I started by placing insulation on all walls that were facing the outside as 2 of the walls of my fishroom are foundation walls. On those walls I placed a lays of water resistant plastic to prevent moisture from getting into the insulation. For the drywall you want something that is moisture resistant and mold resistant American Gypsum (M-bloc) and National Gypsum (XP) work well and is what I used however if you want something that is a little more moisture resistant Cement board is the next step up is know as Permabase. After I mudded and
  7. I think I am finally going to get to come. What should I bring
  8. WOW! looks amazing. Is the hotel in walking distance? I bought my tickets a few days ago. Greatly looking forward to my first MACNA!
  9. have a vetra L which I got only a month or so ago. I am happy thus far with it. It has been quiet, and although it is expensive compared to other companies the ecotech has a decent track record. Also their battery backup option was appealing
  10. Sorry no CR yet sorry for the confusion I will use one later I am only using 2 part I have been burning through 2 part solution Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. Bulkheads on the bottom? My stand point is if you cant trust something with a failure use a back up or don't use them. Look at all the great tanks out there and if you would be happy with them and they don't have a high risk situation then why would you take the risk? I have 2 return lines coming from the bottom of the tank. but they are also inside of a top to bottom overfow box, I am a little neurotic, and no joke I literally stop all my flow every month or so and make sure the overflow box is not overflowing. I have had 3 reeftanks tanks now 2 of which had returns drilled on the bottom of
  12. Been doing a lot of work on the tank lately, Since I have been home I have had some time to play around and have been able to really start getting my tank in order for SPS growth. Thank you to Brandon from premium, Jeremy from Modern, Dustin and Stefan for all the frags my first big stocking of the tank. I got a fewure "starter" frags of Acro to make sure things were going well, now I am starting to look for some higher ends items. I have had in increase my 2 part dosing substantially, so I have had to upgrade the way I am doing things. Since I am gone for prolonged periods of time, I ha
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