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  1. Mine are $10-$15 a head every day and 50% off tonight.
  2. Yep basically the same thing ozone does. I dose 10ml per gal and let the tank sit for an hour shut off from the rest of the system before I put it back online. Beats taking hundreds of frags out to clean some eggcrate. Pro drops down from around 500 to 200-150 for an hour or so. Every once in a while I'll see a dead shrimp after but that's really it. The corals don't mind. They close up during usually but are fine afterwards. Neon green candy canes take a hit tho for whatever reason but usually bounce back after a week or so. Testing it in small freshwater tanks now. Up to 6ml a gal with no effects on the fish in a 40gal tank.
  3. Try peroxide man. Simple and cheap. $0.88 a bottle. Do 5ml- 10ml per gal. Algae will be gone in a few days.
  4. Don't worry about PH. Water changes will help. Turning the lights off for a few days will help (we have ours off about every weekend) Feeding less will help. The fastest way to get rid of it is to dose some peroxide It will kill the algae but the algae may come back if your water still isn't right.
  5. Glad you found it. Keep looking for those eggs I promis they are there. We hate shipping charges as much as you do just not much we can do about it.
  6. Please check the package well and ask your step dad. If they were floated in your tank one could have easily gotten swept behind a rock or something since our bags don't have air and will sink. Everything was in the box when we taped it up. The eggs were in a little baggy and could have easily been thrown out with the main bag everything is in. The other acan should be in there as well as it is not here.
  7. What are you missing? Each message you sent us your saying something different is missing. The order was checked by three people during the packing process and everything should be there. The glue was refunded when we took it off the order. Your order was delivered at 9:40am why did you wait until 6:40pm to tell us of a problem?
  8. He's Here! Yesterday we welcomed Little Isaac to the world! Momma and Baby are doing Great so lets CELEBRATE with some Crazy Deals! How about $5 Ricordea to name one! EVERYTHING has been marked down! Some items over 50% off! Sale starts TODAY at 4pm est! Sale ends Sunday the 17th at noon! Don't miss out! Please note that we won't be shipping ANY orders this week. We will resume shipping the 18th. REAL coral at REAL prices! www.SaltCritters.com Are You Salty? Be sure to join us on Facebook! www.Facebook.com/SaltCritters Or you can follow us on Twitter! www.Twitter.com/SaltCritters
  9. We only ship next day air for livestock. We want your goodies to arrive alive and well.
  10. Thanks everyone for the support. The 50% is up for the next hour!
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