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  1. I paid for a 4ft table for the 2020 swap and requested the funds to be donated to the club instead of a refund. Will sit 2021 out but plan to be back for the 2022 swap.
  2. Just the camera itself. No housing or light strobes. Camera held up well.
  3. Hawaii is incredible. I used an Olympus TG5 camera for the trip. Thank you!
  4. This was my second trip to the Big Island since 2004 and the reefs are still amazing. First few pictures are above water and the rest are from various stops at Red Hill & Kealakekua Bay.
  5. Sorry for your loss. I had a pair of clowns from 2004 and the female is still going strong. Lost the male during a pump accident in 2013 during a move to our new house and it was really hard to get over. I ended up introducing a new male in 2014 to keep the female company. It worked out well so far. Again, sorry to hear about your fish loss.
  6. Looks amazing, Ross! Congratulations on the new house and new tank build. I keep a large reef in my basement and use 400 watt halides, which supplement heating the water as well. It would not be cost effective to run LED lights in my basement because without the halides, I would need to add a lot more heaters to my system just to keep the system warm enough. I noticed you mounted your halide ballasts directly to your I-beams. Just a suggestion, but those halide ballasts can run very hot at the end of the day and the materials used to construct those I-beams on your house consists of flam
  7. If you haven't listed your frags for sale yet on Reeftrader for the swap, now is the time to do so! http://www.reeftrader.com/swaps/73/listings
  8. I always wanted to visit Fiji ... not a fan of military coup leadership but the reefs are world class and deserve the protection for future generations to enjoy as well. http://traveltips.usatoday.com/safety-travel-fiji-35420.html
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