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  1. @rhwimmers screenshot attached for what I see when writing a message.
  2. @rhwimmers Screen shot attached. The paper clip icon and link “Click to choose files” does appear on my app in forums. It does not appear in messages. See next post.
  3. @SilentNight1793 I renewed my membership in December (12/21/2017) via PayPal autopay. However, I appears that my status is not "member". Help, please 😉
  4. Ah, good point. I have autopay enabled through PayPal. I just went back to my 2017, Dec. records and did find that I paid $21. But, I cannot see anything in my profile that says "member" or membership status. I merely indicates that I'm "Registered". 😞 I see beneath my avatar, it says registers, but yours says member. So, do you know who I should contact?
  5. Is anyone else having trouble accessing these forums here on INDMAS? i keep getting an error and can’t get in.
  6. I have four RW-8 wave making pumps on my system. The oldest two are 2 yrs old. All are working without any problems. All four have their own controller, but I have all four synchronized for wave action. This feature works well for me. Once each week I set them to full on, or random, to create storm conditions. The only problem I've ever had was when they were new (first 1-45 days). The rotor magnet would occasionally not turn - get stuck. Sometimes I would fine it not running, more often it simply would not restart after being in feeding mode. I figured out the root
  7. Could you glue and lag bolt one additional joist board to each of the existing boards that will be beneath the tank? That would double their load capacity. A structural engineer did this to the house we live in when we decided we wanted to remove the support post in the basement that was holding up a load bearing wall on a two story home. In that case they lag bolted and glued two extra joist boards on either side of the existing joist. And the wall was parallel to the joists and rested between two parallel joists. I have to report that the house still stands and there ha
  8. I’ve been trying to increase the life of my RO membrane. I know that chlorine, and to a lesser extent, chloramine, can attack the membrane that most of us have in our systems. I already have a total chlorine test kit (DPD-4 tablets and a color comparison chart). I wanted something more precise. And, I wanted to know how much of my reading was coming from free chlorine versus chloramine. I decided to buy the HI701 (Free Chlorine) Hanna Checker. After I received it, I tried it out on the water leaving my carbon blocks. I got a zero reading. That got me wondering if I should have
  9. My RO/DI water is softened. In the summer it runs about 400-430 ppm and in the winter about 370-400. It might depend on which source the water company is drawing from. If you are looking into SpectraPure, I recommend you look at the Flush Kit for RO. It is $11 (see bottom of screen). I used to have hard water feeding my RO/DI unit. It lasted about 2-3 years. I did a membrane autopsy and found a lot of calcium caked inside the membrane. That's when I re-plumbed it to run on softened water. If you use the Flush Kit as directed, it should push out those hardened salts before th
  10. I'll bet you got "reef fever". I get this often when I'm exposed to my Zoanthids. Read the Advanced Aquariast article. I have two species of what I believe to be highly toxic if disturbed, both are of the species Palythoa heliodiscus. Also reference the article, "Palytoxin Found in Palythoa sp. Zoanthids (Anthozoa, Hexacorallia) Sold in the Home Aquarium Trade" by FDA - - excellent research. After "learning my lesson" I went to the local Tractor Supply Store in Noblesville and bought a 10-pack set of Cattle Obstetric gloves. These are great. They go from my finger tips up all the way
  11. Just an update on my effort to grow my own copepods. I purchased two species of pods from AlgaGen through Premium Aquatics. I chose Tisbe and Acartia. I tried to grow them in a 10 gallon tank that was divided into two 5 gallon sections by a sheet of plexiglass. Neither population survived. Figuring that I was too new to know what I was doing, and not wanting to lose more money, I got creative. I extracted some copepods from my display tank after noticing that there were some swimming near the surface during an acquiescent feeding period. I used a rotifer filter to capture about 1
  12. I was wondering if anyone is growing their own copepods. If so: How is it going -- what have you learned that is worth sharing. What is your reason for raising the pods? I've got my two jugs of 'green water' that are well under brew and ready to feed to the pods. I tried seeding the pod tank with some from a sponge pre-filter but it is taking a long time to build up the population. I'm growing these to feed my goniopora stokesi. So far (s)he is growing and nearly doubled in size over the past two months. I've been feeding DTs oyster eggs, cyclopeeze, and believe it or not, it
  13. Hey Barry, all the above are fine selections and you are wise to collect ideas from others. But, it's your tank man! It should express you (not us). If you have not already done so, I recommend that you check out pics on the WWW of the corals mentioned above. Go to Premium one Saturday and slowly walk around and view some of the specimens. Talk with the staff there and ask them questions. For sure, look at a number of different tank set ups. As you do this, you should find that ideas will come to you that will fire you up. Go with that. Make your reef express you. Then, t
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