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  1. That is really strange. Sorry this happened and we couldn’t help find the reason behind it
  2. Do you feel any sort of electric current when you touch the water? Do you test salinity with a refractometer, or hydrometer? If refract, when is the last time you checked the calibration? (I’ve made this mistake multiple times and have done a water change with the salinity waaay off is why I ask)
  3. Who’s the assigned moderator for r2r now? It used to be Dustin, then was supposed to be transferred but I’m not sure who to. There was talk of having me do it but I’ve never had any contact from the admin team at r2r with approval or denial
  4. Nice. Looks like this will be build to follow. Congrats on the new tank
  5. I’m with Daniel on this one. Keep the drains as clear, open, and straight as you can. Let you pump work a little extra if it has to.
  6. ryansweet

    New member

    Welcome to the club. Don’t hesitate to ask questions, or give us answers to ours
  7. Thank you to Jochen for hosting! One of the best designed tanks/equipment I’ve seen so far. Look forward to seeing the future progression of the tank
  8. I'm a size medium if this happens. lol
  9. I'll play along with this one Name: Ryan Sweet Gender: Male Age or Age Range: 41 Twitter/Instagram: Nope Where are you from? Indianapolis (45mins northeast actually, town called Warrington) Type of Tank(s): 75gal mixed reef with a 120 waiting to be setup. 40gal breeder species specific for my Odont mantis Photo(s) of you: Will upload pics later maybe Full Tank Shot(s): Favorite tank pic(s): How long have you been in the hobby? 21yrs salt, appx 1yr fresh What do you like most about the hobby? The challenges of keeping a full biosphere in my home Other pets: 4 hairless cats (3 Sphynx, 1 Donskoy) Other hobbies: Wood working Work: IT Favorite food: Seafood Favorite music: Too wide to name a favorite Favorite movies/shows: Shawshank Redemption, ET, The Office Something else you’d like to share about yourself: I'm classified as an extroverted introvert, so if I talk to you at one point in time then completely ignore you the next time I see you don't take it personal. It's just how my brain works...
  10. I’ll do Saturday am setup as well. I’m sure I’ll be there later to help out where needed too.
  11. This is fixed. The buy/sell forums have been moved to the bottom of the forums (new year, new changes)
  12. ryansweet


    Merry Christmas everyone! That is all.
  13. Stopped by this place yesterday evening. Store looks good (clean, well taken care of livestock), though the stock on salt water was a little low (I know they recently opened and are feeling out the market). They had some cool reptiles and birds too. Definitely a place worth checking out for any members who are on the south side, or make it south anytime. Glad to have another local store to be able to peruse.
  14. Can you complete the circuit in the light itself and then use a cheap digital timer to turn it on and off?
  15. Personally, I think it’s worth spending a small amount on low iron, but isn’t a deal breaker for me. The clarity is there but not enough to pay an outrageous markup compared to a “normal” glass tank.
  16. Check out Aquarium Camera by John Ostler. It’s a phone app that digitally adds the gel filters to your phone. Other than that one, I have the polyplab filters that I loved until I upgraded to the iPhone 11 pro. Now the physical filters don’t fit the camera structure with the 3 lenses
  17. I’m coming in as a solid maybe on this one. I may have to be out of town, but it isn’t looking likely. So it’ll be me and Amber. I’ll participate in the gift exchange if I can make it and will update closer to date
  18. Thanks Brandon. Been thinking of doing a couple for the 120, but can’t find anyone with personal experience with them. Also, not sure if the 120is big enough to house them long term.
  19. Anyone have experience with the Zoster or Yellow Pyramid Butterflyfish?
  20. I think we've all gone through this at one point or another. When I lived in Florida I had 3 tanks up (2 reef, 1 fowlr) and started having issues. "Luckily" me moving back to Indiana made the decision easy for me to sell everything instead of trying anything else. I was tankless for maybe 2 months when I got back to Indy, found a great deal on a Red Sea 34gal which I promptly made upgrade to everything and stocked it beautifully. That was up for app 1 1/2yrs before I got bored (I'm guessing because of the smaller size) and started making changes. During one of those changes I was moving things around and accidentally crushed my starry blenny, which crashed the entire tank within 2 days. I gave that tank away and swore to never get another one. About a year later I went to a friend's house who had a tank and got the itch. Looked around, found my 75gal and it's been up for 7yrs now. I'm now in the process of upgrading to a 120gal, if I can find the focus to get it done... But it doesn't hurt to take a break if your interests fade or change. That's one of the things I like about the hobby. Yes it's an expensive hobby, but you can always take a break and it'll be there when you get the drive again.
  21. That’s crazy. Definitely adding these guys to the “maybe” reef safe pile. Glad you caught it in action, and thanks for keeping us up to date.
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