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  1. Put me in for a vote on the Smart ATO as well. I have two and love them
  2. Any requests for anything specific to drink? Alcohol or non alcohol. We’ll bring water, coke, sprite, and beers for sure.
  3. Steve, feel free. We’d love to get a new family of reefers to geek out with.
  4. That’s what it looks like to me too. The base of gsp growing out
  5. We can also provide microscope services at one of the meetings (or can arrange to come by your place, as well)
  6. I’d say the biggest changes are LED lighting and more power efficient pumps (as Mike mentioned), and also automated testing.
  7. @ReefNewby82, shoot those over to me if you want and I’ll get them online
  8. Doesn’t look like I’ll make this one. Let me know if there’s any tech help needed and I’ll see what I can arrange beforehand. I’ll post if anything changes so I can be there.
  9. I should be there with Amber, unless work schedules change by then
  10. What’s up Jimmy! Welcome to the club. We may have to exchange some info. I’ll help you learn fish and you help me learn cigars
  11. Hoping to make this one. I have some hardware that I found in my reef closet cleanup that needs to go to someone that can use them
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