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  1. Happy Thanksgiving INDMAS!
  2. @rhwimmers said he’d be interested in taking February
  3. I’ll volunteer to keep the website (mostly) up to date.
  4. @Gonzo620 @ddeurloo Do you guys have any info to help here?
  5. Personally, I like to pull the outer layers of the chaeto and leave a baseball/softball size chunk to keep growing. It maintains water quality (removing used organics from the system) while keeping regularity with the same biological strain in your system.
  6. Medium shirt for me ADD- Amber said she’s available to volunteer too. Medium shirt for her also
  7. Susan, if you can wait a couple weeks (I’ll be out of town starting this Saturday for 10 days) I can def lend a hand. We can see if we can get a few others from the club to help as well.
  8. Hi Susan, what side of town are you on? Do you have all the equipment, or do you still need to get some things?
  9. I have used Dr Tim’s a few times with good results. I’d imagine that most of them are pretty equivalent but you might do some reading on the “bigger ones. I flunked out of med school, and that makes me a doctor in New Jersey, so take my opinion as such.
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