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  1. I should be there with Amber, unless work schedules change by then
  2. What’s up Jimmy! Welcome to the club. We may have to exchange some info. I’ll help you learn fish and you help me learn cigars
  3. Hoping to make this one. I have some hardware that I found in my reef closet cleanup that needs to go to someone that can use them
  4. +1 on the smart ato. I had one on each of my tanks and love them
  5. I have small battery backups on each tank (maybe 5-10mins worth of power), and I also have a portable generator for longer outages. I can get you the models when I get home. Like Luis, my area isn’t known for long outages so it isn’t something I worry about much but I do like to be prepared
  6. Welcome to the club Kyle. First thing I would recommend is getting an ATO (Automatic top off) for controlling salinity due to evaporation. And as mentioned above, don't hesitate to ask questions
  7. Every tank I’ve started has been cycled for at least a month. I’ve never used any of the beneficial bacteria’s, but have heard good things about them. I have rock that was dry cycling in a brute that will be there for a few months before I start my next endeavor, as well as at least a month once the new tank is up and running. I’m not saying that a tank can’t be successful with shorter cycles, just that I’ve never done it.
  8. That sucks Amanda. I personally like the Smart skimmer security option. I’ve used it and it helps with overflowing when I do water changes and forget to leave the slimmer off until the level in that section goes down to the appropriate height.
  9. Def a starry. It’s the fish that got me started in the hobby many years ago. Some websites label them as eyelash blennies because of the look. They can change colors and patterns slightly because of special cells, so each one can look a little different.
  10. Awesome! Sorry I didn’t respond sooner, but I was going to suggest marine spar as well.
  11. You should see if @Mike762 would be willing to have you you over to check his setup out. Probably the most thought out build I’ve seen
  12. That’s pretty sweet! Love the rustic/reclaimed look. Did you seal with anything to protect from salt water?
  13. Aside from the topics we’ve already communicated on, I was staring at my tank and one of my wrasses jumped out... So, what about a tank cover topic? What’s better? Glass tops, large gap screen covers, DIY vs store bought, etc. Also, how do these covers effect lighting, o2 exchange?
  14. Welcome to the club. I’m liking the LPS in that tank. Are you leaning towards LPS/softie tank for this one as well, or more SPS?
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