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  1. Awesome! Sorry I didn’t respond sooner, but I was going to suggest marine spar as well.
  2. You should see if @Mike762 would be willing to have you you over to check his setup out. Probably the most thought out build I’ve seen
  3. That’s pretty sweet! Love the rustic/reclaimed look. Did you seal with anything to protect from salt water?
  4. Aside from the topics we’ve already communicated on, I was staring at my tank and one of my wrasses jumped out... So, what about a tank cover topic? What’s better? Glass tops, large gap screen covers, DIY vs store bought, etc. Also, how do these covers effect lighting, o2 exchange?
  5. Welcome to the club. I’m liking the LPS in that tank. Are you leaning towards LPS/softie tank for this one as well, or more SPS?
  6. I 100% would be if my wife hadn't told me I have enough expensive hobbies already...lol Always wanted a tracking telescope (slightly so I can do my own programming with it) but never been able to convince myself to spend the money on a good one. Do you have some photos to share??
  7. Can’t miss this one. Amber will probably come too
  8. Big thank you to Craig and Connie (Candy, Lol) for hosting. Beautiful house, Amber loved your flowers, I loved the tank. The food was great and the company was pretty alright too.
  9. Have there been any additions to the tank recently? Either fish or coral. Some fish will swim curiously close to (or even nip at) torch corals and if the torch isn’t used to it they will close until they become accustomed to the new behavior. Also, if there has been a new coral placed in the tank it could be a release of new chemicals that the torch doesn’t like.
  10. Looks like we may have a smaller turnout for this summer social than normal (to be expected with everything going on right now), but I was wondering if anyone has any drink requests? Alcoholic or non. Just wanting to get a read on who will drink what
  11. That is really strange. Sorry this happened and we couldn’t help find the reason behind it
  12. Do you feel any sort of electric current when you touch the water? Do you test salinity with a refractometer, or hydrometer? If refract, when is the last time you checked the calibration? (I’ve made this mistake multiple times and have done a water change with the salinity waaay off is why I ask)
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