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  1. Hey guys we have a new website. www.thereefindy.com if we could link our banner to the site that would be wonderful. Thanks.
  2. Hey guys I've noticed we are not in rotation anymore. Is there a reason? Please advise. Thanks
  3. Not real pleased with this. Not sure how long it was down or even why it was down......I would like to have a meeting with the powers to be and also get a current membership list to update our files. I want to assure that everyone who is suppose to get their discount is getting it. You can email it to me @ [email protected]
  4. I noticed my banner is not in rotation currently. Is there a reason for this? I have sat a watched and refreshed numerous times just to see all others but ours.
  5. I have some Rubbermaid 150 you can borrow. Call me at 3176986795 Sent from my VS987 using Tapatalk
  6. That's fabulous! Lets make next years even better. Sent from my VS987 using Tapatalk
  7. Had a client with this issue. We put a co2 scrubber on his skimmers air intake and within a day problem solved. Sent from my VS987 using Tapatalk
  8. Depending on the installation in the size of the aquarium dictates which one that I use when I build a system for somebody. With the newer DC pumps available out there it's hard to beat the energy consumption of the submersible pump. But a good quality one of those can exceed the cost of a good quality inline pump. I use reeflo pumps and most of my inline installations. I can run more than one piece of equipment off of a pump by Plumbing a manifold therefore reducing the amount of pumps I need to run the other equipment. So it's actually just a given taking a personal preference just whatever really suits you need. Sent from my VS987 using Tapatalk
  9. A peek of the system we have donated. Couple of more plumbing connections to fabricate then its ready for the lucky winner. Dont know why they uploaded sideways oh well.
  10. We have started the assembly work on the 93 gallon. We are waiting on the goose necks for the Hydra's. Once we finish hopefully by mid week we will get a shot of the whole system. I will have it pre-plumbed for the lucky winner so only 2 final connections will be need'd ALSO ONE LAST ITEM FOR RAFFLE - WE ARE GIVING AWAY TO 3 VERY LUCKY INDIVIDUALS 4 CASES OF INSTANT OCEAN SALT EACH. THAT'S 800 GALLONS OF SALT! THIS IS ENOUGH SALT FOR A YEAR IF YOU HAVE A 75 GALLON SYSTEM..........
  11. Plus not forget all the wonderful discounts members get at The Reef. Also member only sales events.... Just reminding
  12. If you still need I have several options for you to choose from. Let me know you can call me at 317-698-6795
  13. The Reef Aquarium Shop is hiring for the salt department. We offer competitive wages, paid vacations, paid uniforms and a steep employee discount program. If your someone who loves the hobby and wants to make a living at it, give us a call. We are looking for full and part time help. So this is YOUR opportunity to show US what you know and how to improve on what we do. Please call 317-205-9589 to schedule an interview.
  14. We have used Instant Ocean exclusivly for years. I have tested many a salts and they are all about the same. Yes I know some tout more of this and more of that. Find one you like and stick to it. Dont bounce from brand to brand. If you want seachem salt I am sure we can get it for you. Just let us know.
  15. I think once you get the tank in you will have to put rails on either side to keep it in code. Or at least when you go to sell it. Looks good.
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