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  1. Perfect time to upgrade to a 120G!
  2. You might need a different flow restrictor on the waste water line out of the RO/DI since you are only doing half the GPD of the original. I've run the same membrane for 6 years now and get about 99% rejection at my 75 PSI in. What is your inbound PSI?
  3. Is it hooked up right? There are guys in AZ that have water in the 600-900 TDS range and don't have issues except for burning out DI. If everything is right, I would give Spectrapure a call, they specialize in this and it might save you money over a water softener. What is your inbound water TDS?
  4. I think I am going to go gyre, anyone have issues with the newer ones?
  5. Hi All, Right now on my 120G I have a single QD MP40 (80% Reefcrest) and my Eheim 1262 for flow. I am thinking about changing it up, what would everyone recommend? I've always though about a Gyre since I think I could get away with only one pump which I enjoy now. I've been looked at the Octo Pulse 4 or just adding another QD MP40. I am batting a huge cyano outbreak but my SPS growth is still going great so I think it is time for more flow. Thanks!
  6. Almost a 1.5 year update. The tank survived us being gone to the Caymans. SPS is growing very well and all the equipment is staying in one piece. A massive cyano breakout has occurred in the last 6 weeks along with other hair algae. I had it under control for quite a while then all the sudden it popped up. My maintenance didn't change so I'm confused what happened. I've never fed a lot and my nitrates when algae free was always under 1. My main goal is to keep motivated to keep the tank running this summer. With our now 7 month kiddo, the tank gets a lot of neglect in testing.
  7. Hello, My dues pulled out about 2 weeks ago and I don't have access yet, need to move a male flame wrasse that loves jumping in my overflow. $100 Thanks!
  8. Jaco

    iPad Air 16 GB Gen 1

    This can be removed
  9. I've been a little slow on the forum with the newborn and a recent bourbon purchasing addiction... yikes Anyone looking for an iPad? We just bought a new one so we have a Gen 1 iPad Air for sale. No issues or scratches, bought new around X-mas 2013 $130 OBO Thanks!
  10. Visit Fiji! Beautiful place. Hurricanes in the last decade or so have done a lot of damage to a few of their reefs.
  11. Congrats! We had our first on the 26th. I have no clue what will happen to my tank once Margo becomes mobile
  12. I’d only use trochus snails, they do a much better job Eating and not dying.
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