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  1. Bummer - working, or else I would be there (living in Carmel now).
  2. I have a black 35 gallon rubbermaid trash can that I used as my top-off water reservoir. It is likely going to be tossed out soon, so you can have it free if you (or anyone else) can use it. pm me if so.
  3. Go Daniel! Can’t wait to see some pics of urchin pluteus swimming around! Good luck!
  4. lrood


    Beautiful fish! These have always been my favorite dwarf angel. I have a breeding pair and tried raising them - only got larvae to the 2 week point. Still on my bucket list!
  5. That’s awesome. They are not too hard to raise, but do need their own larval setup, and nhbbs to feed them. Here is a link to my breeding log when I used to raise them. http://www.mbisite.org/Forums/tm.aspx?m=80844 have fun!
  6. So over the years my acrylic tank has accumulated enough scratches that I finally need to address them. I am interested to hear how others have polished out scratches, specifically on the inside of a full tank. I have purchased one of the kits that have multiple grit grades but have yet to give it a go - I’m worried I might make matters worse! Thanks for any advice. I’m interested in what has worked, as well as what has not. Also interested to hear if there are any professionals who do this. Ken
  7. Around the last week of Nov or early Dec I cut off a piece of this acro for a club member. This pic today shows it has already put on nearly 3/4" new growth at the cut site. These things never cease to amaze me! Now if I could just get the algae to stop growing at the same rate.....
  8. Couple of recent pics while I was doing some reef chores. First shows my setosa framed by firestorm monti, Oregon blue tort, and acro floridae. Then, my largest hermit crab climbed to the top of my psammacora, probably to molt.
  9. lrood


    Colonies in my 125g mixed reef tank
  10. Interesting idea. Virtually every living (or previously live) tissue will contain phosphate - it’s a component of the primary energy molecule, ATP (adenosine triphosphate), and many others involved in metabolic pathways. We will never be rid of it, but it is always a good idea to be judicious with what we add to our tanks! Have you actually tried testing as you described? I wonder it it would be above the test levels?
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