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  1. What thickness acrylic are you planning on using for the fuge bulkhead? The reason I ask is stress/strain on the bulkhead trying to retain all the water in the return pump section. Look at the picture in the link in your first post for what I am talking about, see how the fuge section bulkhead is bowing out... Bad engineering there. I would bond a right angle strip section along that top edge of that bulkhead to add some strength to it.
  2. Update: He died! Got covered again, this time skin started slewing off him and he didn't make it through the night. So now what? Is the tank effectively a no go zone for other new fish and Inverts? Should I just turn it all off and get rid of everything that's still in there, or can I keep it going? I am going to do a mega water change tomorrow, but clearly the substrate and rocks are tarnished with this parasite now. As of yet the Watchman Goby and the 2 Chromis haven't showed any signs of ich and all the coral, urchins and shrimp still seem ok. Are any of them likely to get this?
  3. well, he had another break out. Much worse than before, he was absolutely covered in spots and looked in very bad shape. went like that for 2 days and the cleaner shrimp wouldn't go near him. I thought I was going to lose him. But the funny thing was he wasn't acting any different, he seemed happy, was buzzing around the tank checking stuff out. Yesterday I got home and almost all the spots were gone! He spent several minutes lying on his side on the substrate whilst the skunk cleaned him. His fins etc still look a bit haggard and his complexion isn't great, but he's still happy, eating and now getting cleaned. He may pull through yet.
  4. Nope..... It does give me a popup asking for access to my clipboard. I check yes and it does nothing.
  5. Update: I decided it was time to put him back in the main tank since I was getting tired of over feeding him and doing water changes in the QT every couple of days, plus he didn't have much room to swim. He had no spots for a couple of weeks, but I knew since he got ich before he'd probably get it again. Put him back in the main tank.... a day later, ta da, he's now covered in spots. But he's eating and seems happy, colored up nicely, not clinging to the glass all the time, scouting round the rocks and generally doing fish things. Hopefully he'll settle down, the skunk will take a look and he'll get rid of the spots again. I'm not pulling him out of the tank now until he's dead. Whatever I did with the GFO and removing some of the rock from the sump seems to have worked, the algae is declining, slowly.
  6. Hmmm, I use IE, is this a specific issue? I noticed quote doesn't work for me either.
  7. I didn't learn too late. I read about all you guys learning too late and went out and bought a controller ;-)
  8. Don't coral eating fireworms look silvery on top?
  9. Update: Tang still alive and seems to be a bit happier in the isolation ward. No spots now. However, from his clinging to the glass the whole time he seems to have worn the skin (if fish have that?) off his top lip! It's just white there. But he is eating more and is less jittery than before, so hopefully I'll be able to put him back in the main tank in a few weeks. I have had a radical rethink of my sump setup. I had been trying to do everything purely biological and I don't think it's working. So I have added a GFO with NFX biopplastics in it as an extra filtration device on top of the skimmer. I have removed the extra live rock from the sump as it seemed to be adding detritus, the long term plan is to add it back in a refugium with a reverse light cycle. An RO system is in the works, I liked the look of the small Live Aquaria unit, but I fear my well water might overwhelm it, so I am looking into the larger filters in the home systems. Thanks for all the advice.
  10. Dammit, I definitely did the wrong thing then! Ah well I am on the course now. If I put him back in the DT now he'll only get more stressed. I haven't added copper, but I have QT'd him and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future.
  11. Update: He has less white spots than before and seems to be doing ok. He is picking at the odd bit of Nori floating in the tank but doesn't tug at the Nori clip like the Foxface used to. He does seem to cling to the glass though, he doesn't really swim in open water that much, is that a stress thing?
  12. Ah ok, if the water isn't as clean as I think then we could be onto something. I don't own a TDS meter to check so I will have to get one I think. So it would seem I need to look into my own water long term then. That'll be a major house rework to re-plumb the system to fit in an RO-DI system into the current setup (I already have a somewhat contrived water system involving the softener and the Geothermal). Is Premiums water any better? I already use the Iron Out in the softener, but there is still iron in the water (it's pretty bad!). I might need you to talk me through your system and see if I can adapt mine to work. And yes I bought the Tang from them also. I have always had pretty good luck with their fish though, this is the first issue I have ever had with one.
  13. Thanks for the response. I was reading the other thread on this and thinking I'd done the wrong thing (I was only following the 3 different books I have on fish!!!), oh well, too late now. I'll leave him in solitary for a while and see if I can feed him up. I do have a Skunk, I doubt I'll catch him easily to put him in solitary with the tang, should I buy another for this purpose? I am using a Eshopps 75gal skimmer in my sump, I run a filter sock and the drain filter on the overflow box, I clean each every day. I have the Red Sea Nitrate tester, but the cheap API phosphate tester, so if one was wrong I'd put my money on that one. I use RODI from the REEF (our well water is waay too iron heavy to successfully clean) and mix in Instant Ocean salt. We have typically never had a Nitrate issue, highest I have ever registered was 2 and that was after we left the water with no change for just over a month! The only thing that I have noticed is that it is harder to keep the water clean with the Tiger Pistol shrimp digging everything up. Could he be the source of any increased nitrates/phosphates?
  14. perhaps you could advise on the source. Because I am at a loss, We diligently do water changes, keep blubs up to date, don't over feed. What other sources could we be looking for?
  15. Oh man, now you all got me thinking I did the wrong thing by pulling my Blue tang out. He got Ich on Sunday!
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