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  1. Ross just reminded me, had conflict clear so I'll make it!
  2. Looks good.👌 Pro Tip: Not sure on final design but I'd really consider making that top flip top in the front. I was not going to have it and have been so happy that I put cabinet on top to open.
  3. Kind of reminds me of an oversized and translucent blenny!
  4. Definitely does not need too much flow, was mainly asking because of varied flow. How do you like the spinstream? I've considered changing out my locline outputs to help increase the varied flow. May just grab a few to test out before replacing all 18.
  5. Looks really good. I've thought about running a zoa/ricordia garden at work but like the idea of integrating euphyllia. Could chop up my 60+ head frogspawn colony:) For water flow, is it the return through loc-line?
  6. I'd recommend a flame angel, beautiful fish but sometimes can turn into a polyp eater. In a frag tank, if it starts to get an appetite for polyps could trade back in at later time:) Agree on the tangs, the blenny options only concern is they are rather aggressive and perch on everything. With unstable frags easy for them to make a mess of anything that's not secure.
  7. Nice coloration and growth. Trying to remember when you grabbed this from me?
  8. What's a ghost monti? Looks like a purple rim montipora with blue/purple polyps.
  9. When I built my sump it was my first acrylic build and has capacity of about 125 gallons. I knew I had little to no bubbles but still used weld-on 16 for all the exterior joints for extra insurance. Can't tell from the pictures but if the edges are rough from the router/saw hit them with a torch real quickly. Also, if you've not done so round the edges before hitting with torch. You'll be happy you did later as the acrylic will slice you up a lot over time if you don't!
  10. Looks good, Auburn is who I've used and had do cuts. Use acupuncture needle meeting to put together?
  11. What is your nitrates & phosphates? Bioload on the 60 gallon? Are you tumbling the cheato?
  12. Good luck, the build is the fun part. If you have any large tank questions post, the 600 has given me quiet a bit xp with what I'd do and not do!
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