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  1. Keep em comin! Gotta figure out how many lbs of pork products i'll need # ; ) Dreading shoveling my deck so I can get to the smoker though # : ) Remember, everyone that shows up must take a kenya tree home! HA!
  2. The address is 7984 Austrian pine dr, NOT 7948!
  3. I think I'll make this one! Anyone want any Kenya tree, toadstools, xenia, GSP? Cost ya a beer and/or a high five 😂
  4. I should be there! I posted a link of stuff on reeftrader I have/can frag. Lots of softies https://photos.google.com/share/AF1QipOs55d9nbkNXfGbuKZDpHFGMjKeoHt-J0Ehbj7K3YXGyXe55Y6e_ray758OJ5JklQ?key=c3JwU2xyUDVYc2FYOXRDbHM1YXlTODh6M2NtLXZn
  5. Will be there. Anyone want any Xenia or Kenya? Will trade for anything - beer, hugs, high fives.. You name it
  6. Got the pork butt brining, going to do pork belly burnt ends too. Will have buns/bread for pulled pork, and also have black bean burgers for the veg only folks. Think ill prolly do some scotch eggs as i've had a few requests Might smoke some cheeze-itz too...tried them the other day and they are SO good! We have 2 large tents out back so if it does rain, there is plenty of dry space inside and out.
  7. Ah, so its only in messages - forums it works fine? Is this on an iphone?
  8. Would love to add another tank to my setup that would go above my current sump. The wall behind it is concrete/cinder block and wondered if I could drill it and put rebar in then have the tank on top of that? Not sure how to determine how much weight concrete and rebar could hold? There just isnt much room at all to be able to build a wooden stand, so wondered about this as an option.
  9. They MIGHT...but IME I didn't have much luck. From what I remember it's best to go by the MM (millimeter). Fact check me but I think you need a 45mm for standard 1" plumbing but its 3mm larger for sch80 plumbing...
  10. Definitely something to discuss tomorrow too is finding the RIGHT sized bit! It's not as easy as buying a 1 1/2 drill bit for a 1 1/2" PVC! I know i have a good diamond bit that's used for doing a 1.5" hole - if interested in that. We did a drilling demo last year at the meeting at my house and RyanSweet did the demo without cutting off Brandon's finger.
  11. I think i'll be there, gameday decision for the others.
  12. Anyone happen to have one I could borrow for a week?
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