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  1. If you just did a water change and parameters seemed in line for alk, calc...etc then i would be your source water has changed and RODI is not getting everything out. Bummer to see, been there done that......hate to say. Its been a few weeks, hows it looking?
  2. Thanks for the info, its appreciated!
  3. Thanks Amanda, do you notice water pressure drop when it starts to get dirty, are you just running 1? How long do your filters normally last?
  4. So i'm in the planning stages of tank build at the new house but first want to address our crappy water. Brownsburg water in our hood is really tan/orange and high in iron and manganese. I have never experienced such bad water so curious if anyone has added a whole house filter system? The plan is to add the house filter, then connect to water softener, then have the RODI after the softner. This will be the most filtration i think i've ever had since being in the hobby! Any opinions would be great. Thanks, Luke
  5. The one thing that scares me is I saw you were looking for dry rock. Some of the dry rock out there takes 4-6mths to really cure, how much are you planning on adding? I would just add fully cured myself to be on the safe side. Your current rock can handle your bioload so it should be plenty to start.
  6. Do you have a sump or is it aio tank? A 20g should be quick and easy, no need to hire it out.
  7. When I have upgraded tank's I ran them both at the same time and did water transfers a few times between the two. I think if you take your time and move a little at a time you'll be just fine. As far as moving the sand, personally I would not. I would try to disturb the sand as little as possible. But i never use sand in the first place : ) Just reminds me of a septic tank in your aquarium.
  8. I renew every year to support the club. Even though I haven’t had a tank set up for a year now I’ll always support the club.
  9. Hi everyone, hope the reefing has been well these days, I miss it! I just wanted to recognise the fact you all have Sanjay speaking at the swap this year. For anyone that doesn't know this, he is like the Bill Gates of lighting in the reefing world. I will 100% be at this event and everyone should attend this. I just wanted to tell indmas staff that they did an excellent job! I'm pumped! Thanks, Luke
  10. Anyone have any insight to Brownsburg water quality as far as tds, chlorine, metals...etc?
  11. I will miss the lake for sure. It is going to be a tough move!
  12. Thanks Bud, it may be a while this time. I am going to keep the tank which will make the next build easier.
  13. Thanks Kent, that is a worry so hopefully we can stay on the outskirts, not sure if that will help. The west side is the alternative but Rockville road sucks!
  14. Well, I'm not totally sure, may stick around in the current neighbourhood, or we may move up in the plainfield or avon area. It would be nice to have a faster commute to work.....but it's tough to move off the lake! it'll be tough convincing Wifey on naming the girl Kent.
  15. Thanks! Yea if I were to do it again I'd make a few changes, different rock structures as currently I'm out of room.
  16. Thanks Brandon, this frag has crazy growth! I hope to have the chance to start another build thread one day.
  17. Thanks Amanda! It's going to be an interesting year! I'm going to miss having a tank for a while.
  18. Its been a few months since I've really been around here and there is some reasoning as to why. The good news is we are expecting our first kid! The bad news is we are more than likely going to be moving in the next few months to a more kid friendly home and I will be breaking down the tank. In all honesty I didn't think we would be moving for 20yrs or so, so this is kinda a surprise. I hate growing out sps for 3+yrs then have to get rid of them all, but I believe we will be moving twice as we more than likely are going to build, so no chance of keeping things up. I will be posting a for sale thread soon of the corals. Hope everyone had a great summer.
  19. Sorry, I've been out for a while! I have supplemented my t5's with led's for years and it seems to work great. I believe the t5's have the better spectrum and best coverage but the led's give a bit of a par punch and that blue pop you can only get with led. I don't have any issue's growing anything anywhere in the tank sps wise and my colors have been excellent. If I had to guess some corals are washed out because of intense spots here or there, what led's are you running exactly?
  20. Looks great, can you tell us more about the system? Lights, skimmer, sump setup, dosing....etc?
  21. Was pretty cool, my work had tons of the glasses for us all. Only crappy thing is clouds covered it up right when it was suppose to be at 90% coverage.....
  22. I would keep the softies and lps on the bottom and put your sps in the upper 2/3 of the tank. Milli's, digi's, monti's on the lower end and your acro's in the upper end. You generally want to keep milli's from 200-300 par, digi's from 150-250, monti's from 200+ and acro's 300-600 depending on species.
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