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  1. I recently had a pane of glass break on one of my frag tanks and want to fix it. I have the broken pane cut out and have used a razor blade to clean the silicone off.


    My questions are how much of the silicone do I need to get off of the glass? What is good to get the rest of the silicone off?


    Once I get the new pane I plan to silicone everything, then put the pane back in place. I plan use the weight of the tank to hold it together until the silicone cures. Any additional suggestions?




  2. This works well if you have an older tank and have not been good at using RO/DI water. Will remove phosphates and nitrates which are tied up in the rock with out cooking the rock. With that being said, you will need a good skimmer and should ramp up very slowly. I had a very bad hair algae problem and was able to get rid of it using this method. The rock in my tank is several years old and I did not use RO/DI water fro the first 3-4 years. I now have and use RO/DI water and used the vodka method for about 10 months. I slowly tapered off the use of vodka once the hair algae was gone for about a month.


    Read all the information you can about this before you begin as there can be a lot of issues. I would remember one other thing. I think it is better to keep the dosage down and take longer to remove the problem than to have a crash.

  3. Doug


    That looks like a hydnophora to me. If it is given conditions it likes it will go well. As to aggressiveness, it is the most aggressive coral I know of. The one I had killed any coral it came into contact with, including torch corals. I have a small frag left low in my tank.



  4. I must agree whole heartedly. On a side note, my wife thought I was going overkill with my small 20 gallon tank, ligth and pumps until we walked in. Her response was "Oh My" and that was it. She was speachless. On another note Brian and crew took the extra displayers in stride. All in all a very good job.



  5. Make sure that the air inlet and airline are not clogged with salt. Got a picture to shower how your skimmer is set up in your sump? Also what depth of water is your skimmer sitting in?


    Willy and Katrina gave you good advice. The vodka dosing is mainly for older tanks, 2+ years that have problems with phosphates and nitrates and can not get them under control. If you are not showing either when you test for them and do not have a major algae problem, vodka dosing will not do you any good and can hurt.



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