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  1. I have to agree with Katrina about the metal halide. I have a 37 column and a 150w HQI was not enough light. Tank is 24?tall, I upgraded to a 250w with a 14k Phoenix bulb on an ARO electronic ballast. I am very happy with this light combo. My BTA?s quite trying to climb to the top of the tank once I upgraded the light

  2. What salt do you use? Do you dose anything? How are you measuring pH, test kit or probe? Also do you know what your Mg is at?

    Also what is your specific gravity?


    Ca and alk are on the high side, if the test results are accurate, but not really terrible. You might test again and if possible test using another kit/brand.


    I have had my Ca that high and not hurt anything. I have a lot of trouble getting my alk that high.

  3. I have had the Pearlberry about 9 months.

    I got the Pearlberry, Red Planet and Blue Voodoo as Christmas presents from my pretty wife. I accidentlly fragged the red Planet tryign to trim that black plug. I now have two Red Planets. The frag started out as about a 1/4 inch and it spent the first 7 month encrusting. I wii try to get a picture of it. Looks more like an encrusting monti.

  4. Katrina


    Thanks for the advice. The camera is a Sony Alpha 200, so I will play with the f-stop setting (what did I do with that manuel????) I may need to get the tri pod out for that.


    I really wish I could have made the photo class.


    Your tanks look awesome. I think the livestock pics would benefit from greater depth of field -- higher f-stop. Is this a new camera? What is it?
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