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  1. I have not heard that, however there are a lot of variables that fall into this.


    Euphyllia ancora (Hammer coral) CITES Quota




    2000 - 36,000 pcs

    2001 - 40,000 pcs

    2002 - 25,000 pcs

    2003 - 27,550 pcs

    2004 - 27,550 pcs

    2005 - 24,000 pcs

    2006 - 27,550 pcs

    2007 - 27,550 pcs

    2008 - 28,880 pcs

    2009 - 32,000 pcs


    Now, this is just one species, from one country. There are multiple countries that export Euphyllia ancora, some may have increased quota numbers, while others have decreased. To say that Wellsophyllia and Hammer corals are going to become hard to get is way too generalized of a statement, and doesn't make any sense. Now, to say that Wellsophyllia and Euphyllia ancora from Fiji for example is going to become hard to get, could be a true statement, as that country could have specifically greatly limited the quota number for a particular year.


    BTW, Indonesia is the largest exporting country of coral in the world, so the example numbers above may seem really high to some. Fiji for example has a quote on the same exact species of coral in the 200pc - 400pc per year.




    Thanks for the information. As always, there is a lot of questionable information floating around. I was just curious about what I was told.

  2. When I purchased a long tentcle anemone it was white with greenish-blue tips. Within the week it had turned brown. I did some reading on the net and from what I gathered that it is normal and the anemone was bleeched. Is this true or is there something wrong with it.



    Sebaes are well know for this. So, if it is a Sebae, brown is good. I do not think I have ever seen a white LTA.

  3. I would think the whole system, that way you get them all. The things will be everywhere, so make sure you read the directions and have everything ready before you do it. I had to treat a 65 gallon tank once and I lost a few snails and my cleaner shrimp. Everything else was fine. It did shock most of the snails, but they recovered. I just treated my frag / quarantine tank (it is a seperate system). I moved all of my snails from it. I will do a big water change this afternoon. The directions recommend having carbon anf the ability to do a large water change ready.

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