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  1. Cool, are you going to try to raise them?
  2. Thanks for the information. As always, there is a lot of questionable information floating around. I was just curious about what I was told.
  3. I am hearing that CITI's is beginning to limit the inport of some corals. Wellso brains and Euphyllia are two types which will supposedly become hardto come by. Jeremy are you hearing the same thing?
  4. LPS still covers a multitude of sins er... ah.... types of corals. Do you have a plan as to where you are going with this????
  5. No, he does not. Right now he is working out of his home. He has plans for a store in Jeffersonville in the near future.
  6. All There is a guy in Charleston, IN whom imports directly from Australia. He gets in some killer Acans, Blasto?s and can get Aussie chalices at good prices. I got 5 frags from him. I will post pictures later today. I recommend checking him out. http://oceans-direct.com
  7. Simply watch it. It/they will multipy. I also have them, but have not noticed any problems. Some reef keepers have reported these eating zoas. The current theory is there are different types and a few of the types are problems. Mine are always on the rock or glass, but never on any of the coral.
  8. Looking good Jeremy. Amazing how well those tanks clean up with a little TLC.
  9. Very nice Jamie. Is this stuff for sale or some of the treasures you picked up this weekend???? Good color lighting on that tank. What are you running for light?
  10. Sebaes are well know for this. So, if it is a Sebae, brown is good. I do not think I have ever seen a white LTA.
  11. I have a API and a Salifert. The Salfert was 20 points lower that the API. When I use the API, I make sure to put it on white paper and use good light. That makes the change much easier to see.
  12. Paul How is the battle with the flat worms coming?
  13. Instructions on Flat Worm Exit just says effective on flat worms. I can not find any trace of flat worms in my frag tank. I am not sure if that helps.
  14. I believe Melanurus wrasse are supposed to eat these. http://reefkeeping.com/joomla/index.php/cu...2-fish-profile-
  15. Flat Warm Exit is very effective on the regular red flat worms. The poisons from the flat worms dying can cause issues and you need to be ready for that. I do not know if it is effective on AEFW. I will check the info on the box when I get home.
  16. I would think the whole system, that way you get them all. The things will be everywhere, so make sure you read the directions and have everything ready before you do it. I had to treat a 65 gallon tank once and I lost a few snails and my cleaner shrimp. Everything else was fine. It did shock most of the snails, but they recovered. I just treated my frag / quarantine tank (it is a seperate system). I moved all of my snails from it. I will do a big water change this afternoon. The directions recommend having carbon anf the ability to do a large water change ready.
  17. I think I would be looking for somthing larger. How big is the Sally Lightfoot?
  18. Possibly a hitch hiker. Gorilla crab or some thing similar comes to mind. Get the flash light out, put a red filter on it and go night hunting.
  19. Paul has a point. The only thing is you will need watch your fish choice (no jumpers) or put a egg crate over the top. My fairy wrasse decided to go hard wood surfing one day when I had my hood up on my 120. Thankfully, I was there when he decided to take the leap.
  20. Brenntag. I worked in a waste water treatment plant for several years and order it through there. You should be able to get it through Bulk Reef Supply.
  21. Dog gone it. That is the same date as the Cincy frag swap. I guess I will be missing this meeting.
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