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  1. Will there be any area for hobbyist to trade bagged coral?
  2. I am using a black box that the blue channel went out on. It's over the middle half of a 125 that I am using as a sump. It works great.
  3. You were right. We sold two tickets & went. Had a great time.
  4. I have 4 Jimmy Buffet lawn tickets for sale. This is for the concert June 23rd at the Klipsch Music Center. I am selling at face value, $50 each, I would like to sell in pairs or all four together. Contact or text me at 812-528-1570.
  5. I live in Santa Claus and work in Evansville. I sent you a PM.
  6. Your tanks look great! We bought some algae from you yesterday. Could you please let me know what they are called? Also I wanted to show you a picture of the flame algea we have, it is really hard to showcase the orange tips. My email is [email protected] Thanks in advance. Laura
  7. There is a guy in LMAS who is raising aptasia eating nudibrachs. I can get you his number if you want to go that way. With the tank fallow, the only thing you would need to worry about is bristle worms eating the nudibrach eggs.
  8. Hooked, I think you are making a good call. Dustin is right about heavy metals making the colors. Green is copper; blue is cobalt, red-orange likely iron. I do not know what the black would be off hand. Ceramics have aluminum and silicates in them. You would be ok with the pure white marble. It is high in calcium carbonate.
  9. I agree, it was a good show and had accurate information. I learned some things from the show.
  10. For the first time we have decided to add a 'Grand Prize' to the raffle. This years will be a cool Rimless Reef tank with stand, lights and alivestock Gift Certificate! More details added soon!
  11. LMAS is proud to announce the 2011 Frag Swap. We are returning to the wonderful Holiday Inn Lakeview in Clarksvilee, IN this year. When : Nov 5, 2011 Noon to 5pm Vendor set up time 10am Where: Holiday Inn Lakeview 505 Marriott Dr. Clarksville, IN 47129 Vendor Space is $50 Hobbyest Space $20 includes entrence for 2 people Admission is $5 at the door. Lots of great Raffles as well!
  12. Man I know how you feel. Had a 3 week old 220 rupture and empty in less than 30 minutes at 4:30AM, not a good way to start your day. Almost gave it up, but funny how a little time helps
  13. It helps when I include the date, which will be November 5th, 2011.
  14. The 4th annual LMAS frag swap will be held at the Holiday Inn in Clarksville, IN. I will post updates. Thanks, Allen
  15. 2010 Frag Swap Saturday Nov. 6 2010 Noon-5pm American Legion 217 West Court Ave Jeffersonville, IN 47130-3529 Reservations (11/1 cutoff) Vendors $50 or raffle item of equal or greater value includes 8ft space) Table Space $10 for 4' or $15 for 8' Addmission $5 at the Door email [email protected] for reservationsClownfishJeremy LMAS President
  16. Put me down for a 1/2 table please. Thanks, Allen
  17. I change water every 6 or so months, only test alk and ca. Give my fish a drink of alchol every day. Feed them once every week or so. I feel better too.
  18. I'll try to post some pictures Thursday or Friday. I am out in the field for the next couple of days doing sampling work.
  19. Thank you to everyone who made the trip down. I think it was a great success. There were some really cool corals for sale. As usual I noww need to figure out where to put everything I picked up.
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