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  1. Just one question??? Do we need to start hunting??
  2. Just one question??? Do we need to start hunting??
  3. Laura and I would like to thank everyone that made the trip down. We really appreciate it. Also everyone who bought coral, thanks and we hope they do well for you.
  4. We'll have sloppy joes, chips and brownies.
  5. It's all good Mike, the more the merrier. Looking forward to seeing everyone.
  6. Laura and I are looking forward to hosting everyone and sharing the hard earned things we've learned from almost 30 years in the hobby. The current setup is roughly 400 gallons with an 180 gallon mixed reef display that is about 6 years old. We hope to see everyone that can make it. We plan to also share ways we've found to help lower the cost of reefing. I know it's dirt cheap already!😋 Thanks Allen and Laura
  7. Laura and I are going to try to make it. We'll be bringing Texas Caviar and chips.
  8. Old school frag swap November 14th in Seymour Indiana. Reply to this post if interested. Unfortunately face masks will be required. Old school means livestock in containers and coolers. No tank or lights other than Orphek flashlights. Time is 2:00PM to 4:00PM PM for address if you are planning to attend. This swap is being put on by LMAS.
  9. Yes, three things. 1. Patience 2. Do your research if you haven't already. 3. There are no dumb questions. Better to ask before hand. 4. Welcome to reefing!
  10. All, we have had a family emergency come up and will not be able to make it. I can try to meet the two people who reserved coral Monday. I have an appointment in Indy.
  11. Thanks, darn Covid bit me postponing the frag swap, but if that's the worst it does, I'm very good!
  12. Hello, I have error code 1F176/3 whenever I try to go in to the sale forums. We paid for our membership today. Thanks Allen Ruddick Puffdragon
  13. I'm sold on the SB Reefs. Have 4 over my 180 & 2 over the 75 frag tank.
  14. Hi everyone, we're not going to be able to make it after all.
  15. PM meyour cell number Salthead. I'll shoot you some pictures of the frag.
  16. We're going to try to make this one. We'll have Sour Apple Bird's-nest $15; ORA Hycianda Bird's-nest $15; ORA Scripps Acro $15; Chili Pepper Monti $15; several colors of mushrooms 10 & $15; a Walt Disney frag for $90; JF Solar Flare $90; and maybe some others. I'll get pictures up later today or tomorrow.
  17. Great meeting and demo. Thanks Scarlett and Alan for hosting.
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