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  1. I'm out this year. Will be just getting back from Israel. Have fun all!
  2. Here's to hoping everyone had a safe Thanksgiving!
  3. All I won't be able to make the meeting today. W e just double checked our Mellencamp tickets and the concert starts at 6 here in Seymour.
  4. Planning on making it, will be right after we get home from PCB
  5. I agree with Mike, looks good. Anemone excrete waste from their mouths too.
  6. Is it to early to reserve a table????? LOL
  7. Sooooo... What exactly does Crystal look like. I'm guessing she is hiding somewhere.
  8. Thanks everyone for coming. I'll get the emailed presentations out to you today.
  9. See everyone tomorrow. Safe travels!
  10. All, I'll be sharing my chemistry tipsfor cost savings. Plus I will share how I keep the pH of a 400 gallon system within 0.05 SU of 8.3. I hope to see everyone there.
  11. Craig, thanks for the great time. The food was delicious everyone. Craig your tank looked good, very beautiful fish selection.
  12. We plan on making it. We'll bring a couple of desserts.
  13. We're going to try to make this one provides the generator connection setup goes according to plan.
  14. We won't be able to make it. Planning on going to see the mouse.
  15. I hate missing this one, but we have y table at the Cincy Swap.
  16. We're out for this one unfortunately. Doing TSO & King's Island Christmas.
  17. We'll RSVP this one too. Need to get done with a project that morning.
  18. We have had a last minute change of plans and need to go to Louisville. Sorry Ross.
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