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  1. 3 would be great. I can come to you text me and we can set something up. 3176700026 and thanks. If I get these 3 I should be good for now but thanks for the offer. Its nice to know my old reef family still supports me. You guys are the best!
  2. Hello all. I am great but the 3 boys and life have me in a place of making money not spending it...No tank....Ryansweet I will buy 2 or 10 that ever you have to part with. I will be back but it might be in 10 years or so. I do miss the challenge of reef tanks.
  3. Hey guys long time no see. I'm looking for salt buckets with lids. Screw type would work best and any size as long as they are round.
  4. I have a used 3 channel bubble magnus that I can sell you. PM me if your interested.
  5. So around 12 square feet of stand foot print. Roughly how much are you thinking the whole system will weigh?
  6. You shouldn't need to add anything to the crawl space for this size tank unless there is bounce in the floor that bothers you. People way over think this. What are the demensions of your stand? If you do decide to use jacks in the crawl space I have 2 available if you want them.
  7. That doesnt look like an sps. Maybe a Goniopora?
  8. WHats your back ground? Education or training? Are you on Linkedin?
  9. I have both. AT and T for personal and Verizon for work. I noticed that call quality is much better with AT and T but cell coverage is better with Verizon. As far as speed I don't use all that much data but both seemed about the same for me. Do you have an unlimited data plan now? They aren't offering unlimited data at AT and T or Verizon but Sprint still is.
  10. I agree on the coverage but I think the call quality of Verizon sucks.
  11. They have no contract plans now too.
  12. AT and T has been dropping my rate since I started with them in December. Went from over a hundred a month to just over $50. I guess they are trying to compete with the per month or pay as you go companies. I'm happy with them.
  13. Wow I should of known that its more complicated then it seems. Tell me what do I want? Not too expensive but decent not too dark but dark enough.
  14. So whats the cost for a sedan at tint king?
  15. Perfect. Do they take frags or fish?
  16. Anyone on here do window tinting? I'm looking to get a car done soon. Or anyone know of a shop or person that does good work and is reasonable? PM me.
  17. Check the reefcentral thread on t5 bulb selection.
  18. Equal blue plus and purple plus was my favorite look when I had t5's
  19. Vendors will complain about something not matter what. Right Dustin?
  20. Sweet. I got a home for him if the parents start picking on him.
  21. If circulation isn't an issue then slow it down through the sump.
  22. Whats the skimmer rated for? I like to run slow flow through the sump for a lot of reasons. The biggest one being sound.
  23. That house will out live most of us. All I see is potential.
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