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  1. I just found out I have a work event that weekend that will take me out of the state. So ill need to revoke my RSVP. Good luck everyone!
  2. Good luck with your endeavor! Ill stop by next time I'm in the area.
  3. Im going to go ahead and RSVP for this, Things could change but I should be able to make it that weekend!
  4. Thanks everyone for making the haul down to Rushville! It was a great success. Good to see a lot of you again and to meet a lot of new people!
  5. FYI for people coming next Saturday. Pending good weather, I have a nice outside area that is directly off my family room/Fish room. I have places for everyone to spread out and kids to play on the playset! I look forward to seeing everyone!
  6. Im gonna put mine up today or tomorrow
  7. I have a spare 55g drum and a 30g runnermaid for this purpose u could use. Located in rushville. Txt me 317 408 8655
  8. Hey all, I see that Reef trader is live for the swap, but its the old stuff from last year. Is this the correct one to post on, or will there be a new event created? I deleted all my old stuff, but it seems confusing to people. I don't want to spend the time posting everything and then have it deleted or a new event created. Either way is fine, I just don't wanna waste my time! Thanks Ross
  9. I would like to split a full table with AdamH. I'll be paying for both of them
  10. Cant wait to see your new setup! I always loved your 125!
  11. I'm gonna try to make it. I have a family event that day so it might just be a quick in and out
  12. I'm unable to access the buy sell forums also. No clue why. Ross
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