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  1. MBrown

    Indmas Site Images

  2. Just click on the Gallery above in the menu bar. Then Click on UPLOAD. just make sure you are in the Category: Member Albums, and you can create your own Album Name and Description. From there, start uploading images. As for posting them here, it's like any other site (PhotoBUcket, Shutterfly, etc..)
  3. Create an Album in the Gallery, and keep us posted with pictures! Looking forward to this as I'm thinking about a 300G FOWLR Tank soon.
  4. Many of you may already know this, but for those of you that don't....here's a nice feature. If you are viewing the website like this: Hoover over that area and click on the the icon that pops up, and it will shrink the forum and give you a side bar with a more information.
  5. We had 4 inches of Lake Effect Snow last night, so...may to bring the winter beater.
  6. Heck....I might even drive down.
  7. Good find. I noticed this yesterday myself and should have corrected shortly. Thanks, Mike
  8. Try this again. Should have the Gallery issues resolved, although there are some albums that will need to be rebuilt.
  9. MBrown

    My 90 Gallon

  10. Membership Subscriptions Online have been restored for all future new registrations and for those whose Memberships have expired. I will be working on entering current membership accounts into the system so you will receive renewal notifications and once again be able to you the online means to renew. - INDMAS Site Admin
  11. Can anyone duplicate this issue? I can not.
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