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  1. I currently have a 75 up and running. Planning on setting up a 120. Keep my lights and skimmer from the 125 and a lot of rock. Dont know how soon it will be for the next build .
  2. I sold my 125 today. I feel like it was an end of an era. This tank was running continuously for over 20 years. And was an accumulation of a 75 and 55 reef that started in 1993. Most of you in the club has seen my tank over the years. And maybe was the oldest continuously ran reef tank in the club. So with that said I will be doing a future build.
  3. thats it we still have time. show off your tanks
  4. just finished a 25 gallon water change. post your tanks
  5. corals are looking good this morning. battleing a little cyano. but overall tank is doing good
  6. not selling. just thought i would share. now if i can get the others to do it. i think i will call it Barney bounce shroom.
  7. so i have one of my purple mushrooms starting to bounce.. its neat that its the only one doing it.
  8. it shows my membership auto renew on the 12th. but cant access buy and sell
  9. use epoxy. not the stuff at the hardware. but a yrue epoxy floor. it will hold up and not fade dull or chip..
  10. Budman

    frag swap

    is anyone interested in going to cincy next weekend for their frag swap. if so contact me and we can carpool depending on weather.
  11. bounce elegance.? add a catchy name and get rich.
  12. would be interestedin a couple. when they get big enough.
  13. if dinos try dirty method. no water change as it will fuel it. feed your tank heavy encourage green algea. do a 72 hour blackout and try dosing peroxide. uv sterilzer also helps. also use kalkwasser for topoff as it will keep ph stabil.
  14. so what does everyone use to keep there in paremeters in check. i try to shoot for 8.5 to 9 on alk 420 on calcium and 1300 on mag with a salinity at 1.025. not always successful. i dont test as often as i need to. i use kalkwasser (ms wages pickling lime) on my ato. i adjust alk with baking soda. calcium with kent turbo calcium . and add epsom salts for mag. I also use instant ocean for salt. and i dont do many water changes.
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