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  1. Well, I wanted to do an update, sorry it has taken so long. First of all, my tank is just ugly right now, I guess that's the price you pay for having dead rock and ensuring you have not contracted any bad stuff with your live rock. I have added some new equipment, First, I am running Premium Aquatic Carbon in my new Nyos Torq 1.o Secondly, I was having an issue with the built in ATO, where the float would become submerged, when I would use feed mode on the pump. This meant salt was encrusting the needle, and then it would fail. So I got a new Auto Aqua Top off
  2. Well, here is my newest update, the return pump is now dead silent, so that is good news. I added a Coral Beauty to the tank as my first fish. Tank is doing well, but I do have a good hardy Diatom build up.
  3. I’ll send the unit back, and get a replacement then.
  4. I have a Simplicity 1600 DC pump, and having never had a sump before I’m not sure if this much noise is normal. Simplicity offered to exchange it for me, but before I buy a second pump and pay for shipping this one back, I wanted some other opinions on if this sounds louder then normal. It’s not like a pump sound I am used to, it’s like a constant Hrtz hum that can be heard through the room. Video linked below. https://photos.app.goo.gl/Mz9pd5vGf5DUqD2r9
  5. Well the Diatoms are coming, so glad to see the next stage of the tank is evolving.
  6. So now the worst part of a build waiting, here is the rest of my equipment list, any help thinking through what I will need next would be nice. The Neotherm, and PMUP are on back order, but I have ordered them.
  7. Well my return pump is making a high pitches noise that can be heard throughout the room. Simplicity has been incredible, they sent out some new parts to try, and when that did not work, they are sending out a new body. Incredible customer service. Stinks I go the one bad egg, but with customer service like this that’s ok.
  8. @MrsBugmaster I think your recommendation to avoid a mandarin, is smart, I think a Midas Benny would be a good replacement. Because the Midas is yellow, I’ve swapped the goby.
  9. Absolutely will have a pistol shrimp, i am torn between more little fish, so it feels full, or one larger fish like an angel.
  10. @PaulS.46122 looks like the answer is buy zebra stripped Dartfish. People say the Firefish do well short term but will become aggressive with each other long term. Revised list:
  11. I made a little water change station over in the DIY forums as part of the build, but wanted to keep it separate since it's a bit of a mini project in the tank build, take a look.
  12. So I am in the middle of a new tank build, but this I feel like needed it's own post. I wanted to build a super cheap way to make top off water and RO/ for water changes automatically. So First the list of materials 1 x 1/4" T fitting 2 x 1/4" Shut off valves 2 x Adjustable float valves 3 feet of 1/4 tubing 1 x MJ1200 pump 1 x 1/2" union 1 x 1/2" shut off valve 3 feet of 1/2 tubing 2 x 5 gallon buckets So the first step was to use a punch and a small drill bit to drill a pilot hole, then drill a final 1/2" holes into each bucket a
  13. Yes, once parameters are stable I’ll run pods only for a few weeks, feed them phyto and let the population explode. Also I like the mixed idea will they all school mixed?
  14. So fish discussion time! This is just a quick list, probably two many for my tank but I want to stay big and pull back. The numbers I have listed are suggested school sizes, so curious to hear about your thoughts. Goals: Column swimmers, Column floater, Rock explorer, Sand fish, I’m looking for a vibrant amount of movement and fish. And please give recommendations around alternatives.
  15. Here is the aquascaping, waiting to cycle.
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