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    Thanks to ReefNewby82, TankNovice and Mike762 for arranging and setting up a Zoom call to help me experience the meeting today. For those of you that don't know I have a rare muscle disease called Inclusion Body Myositis. For the sake of an easy explanation I have heard it described as like ALS but very slowly progressing. At this point I rely on a power wheelchair to get around (it weighs about 500lbs without me in it) and it is starting to limit the use of my hands. It currently affects my left hand more than my right. Because of this you may not see me at very many meetings however I will b
  2. Wow very cool. If you are interested I also belong is in a local parrot club too and can share that with you? There are several African Grays there. I take it from being on the north side you are a regular at Bird Fever? (We got all of ours there)
  3. Thanks for your response. I will have to look into that. Whats your Parrots name? We have Tiki - Female Eclectus, Poppy - Sun conure and Sunny - Cockatiel
  4. You know you have gotten older when it seems like everything you say starts out with how you used to do something. Today I am reflecting (way back in 2007) on how we provided a safe place for copepods and amphipods (C&A) to reproduce without getting eaten (at least not right away. Ideally I would have a sump/fuge with life rock, lighting ,some chaeto and a 1 inch sand bed. However for this build at this time I plan on starting out with an AIO that has a skimmer in the back and media bags. I am still wondering if there is a way I grow some chaeto in there, but that's another discussion. Ba
  5. My little one would have it no other way. She grew up watching Octonauts and between that and my love of the ocean she was stuck. 🤣 We have decide to go with the Red Sea Max e-170. Starting out without the sump refuge option, but hopefully adding later. My daughter is a real rule follower and always looking to make peace out of any situation and I think I am going to carry that theme into the tank with a couple of examples of symbiotic relationships and just an overall peaceful tank. Which means I will probably also stay away from corals that have a tendency to take over the tank. We'll see, s
  6. Yep, its been 14 years. Its good to be back! Just wish I wouldn’t have sold all my old dry goods!
  7. Thanks! I’m in a power wheelchair which can limit my ability to get into and around a lot of places, but I’ll reach out to Mike and see what how his house is setup and if I can make it. If not I should be able to come to the frag swap being a public building. 😁
  8. Thanks, yes I do have an RO unit. (Good thinking though, I am no longer able to carry a couple of those big jugs around like I used to.) The Rock 🤯! Mixed feelings on that. I don't like the idea of destroying the reefs by any means, on the other hand the thrill of what is going to come out of the rock I just placed in my tank is gone now? I have to admit the random hitchhikers is what originally attracted me to saltwater. I still see a handful of places claiming to have live rock one from Fuji and the other with a leased location off of Florida (currently closed from Covid) Are these sit
  9. Hi! This is one of those checking my thinking posts. If you missed my previous post I have been out of the hobby since 2007 and not sure I remember everything from then and for sure don't know if I am up to date on all the changes. Below I am going to list out my plan for the tank I plan on using to get back in and some of the equipment I am thinking of. If you have any of this and looking for a new home for it I am open to buying used. I have a handicap that limits my mobility to a power chair as well as restricts the use of my hands a good deal so going with something simpler and smaller so
  10. These are all from the last time I was part of the club. I think my old pictures were deleted, but I remember we used to be very limited with how many pictures we could post at that time.
  11. Hi, I have been out of the hobby since 2007ish and just getting back in to it. Any of you that have been around for awhile, what would you say are some of the big changes I should be aware of? I noticed that lighting has changed significantly. I'm hoping to setup a tank going as "natural" as possible.
  12. Hows this coming along? I am considering one of these tanks and love to see how it has progressed.
  13. Hello, I’m a long time returning member. Looking back to find my screen name I had to go back to 2007. At that time I had a 125 gallon reef setup that I had to take down after my wife decided she wanted to get new flooring in the room it was setup in. Ironically I am returning now with just a few weeks before (in a new house) she is getting new flooring. I’m curious who is still around from back then? A lot has changed in my life. My wife and I adopted two girls. The oldest is getting ready to go to college, the youngest is 10 and loves all types of animals. We currently have 2 dogs, 3 pa
  14. Rod and I plan on getting there early so we should be able to help setup as well.
  15. Three 250W, 10K XM MH's and two 6ft antinic VHO's. If your reffering to the dark look I think that is due to the angle of the camera shots if you notice some our brighter than others.
  16. Sorry I have been missing out on so many of the meetings. Here are some of my latest pic's let me know what you think. Any thoughts or suggestions are appreciated. Thanks, Scott
  17. Same here woke up and thought and thought, wow the meeting is in about 10 minutes. Sorry all.
  18. I dunno if it has anything to do with it Scott, but after seeing the info you and others sent out about IE6 I switched to Mozilla and have not been able to log on using that. IE 6 however works fine. If I can help trouble shoot at all let me know. Thanks, Scott Joniec
  19. Hey I'm happy its happy, but the algae level in my tank is reaching low levels. Does anyone need some help? I only wish that they could bring him back when I need him.
  20. Working from home there is no excuse.... Sick, snow, too nice out side, oh well thats what I get.
  21. Thanks! I hadn't seen him (or her)do it before.
  22. I woke this morning to find my Bali Sea hare almost fully buried in the sand. Does anyone no if this is normal behavior? I'm looking to loan him out to someone on the south side or at least someone willing to bring him back to the south side when he is done cleaning thier tank. Takers?
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