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  1. Hi All -I am making it my goal this year to be able to keep LPS and SPS Coral. I really struggle keeping them alive and could use some help in figuring out what is preventing me from doing that.I have been able to keep soft coral without issue. In the attached picture, I have a Candy Cane that I have had for about 2 plus weeks in the upper left of the picture. For the first 2 weeks, it looked great. lately, it has not become as full and emitting like a mucus film. This seems to always be the pattern I go through.The tank is a 65 gallon about 2 years old, however I just moved it 6 weeks ago. I did replace the sand with new live sand and the tank has been very stable, with the exception of NO3, which I am working on bring down. I am running a refugium with Macro Algae. I am light the tank with 2 AI Prime HDs. My Parameters are as follows:Salinity 1.024NH4 0NO3 10-25 ( Color is somewhere between the 2)NO2 0CA 400PO4 0KH 10.2MG 1050Any and all help and suggestions are appreciated
  2. Thanks! I appreciate the offer, but I have enough of the trash cans at this point.
  3. Already have that now. I need to keep the water warm as I am transporting an hour away. Brut cans will be to big and akeward for an SUV, but thanks for the thought.
  4. I apologize if this has been covered before. I wasn't able to find anything recently. I am getting ready to move. I have a 65 gal. Reef with a 10 gal. sump. How do you move the water from the tank for the relocation. Obviously, you would want the containers to be easy to handle. So I was thinking of 5 gal water bottles. If you do the math, it would be about 80 gals, which would yield about 16-5 gal bottles. I have 7 bottle, but struggle with purchasing 9 more just for this move. I see then for sale, used, but the prices seem high and honestly, not knowing the history scaries me a little. So, I am asking the collective. Your comments are appreciated! Mark
  5. Thanks to both of you.... Everything mentioned are those things we all think about when making this decision. I think that is why I am struggling. I would like to have a tank that will last me for 10-15 years before having to change it out, but if something should happen in the meantime, I need a tank that is easy to repair. Unfortunately, that is on of the differences between the two.
  6. Hi All - This is probably a topic that has been cover several times, but I would like a more recent perspective from the collective. I am looking at moving to a 135 +/- 20 gallons and am trying to figure out if I should go glass or acrylic. I know the advantages and disadvantages of each when it comes to flexibility and care. What I would like to know is are you willing to accept these advantages and disadvantages and why? Please comment and let me know what you think. TIA, Mark
  7. I am leaving for a week and wondered if anyone had a method for feeding when I have no one is available to come by. TIA
  8. Here are the numbers from 2 days ago and this has been pretty consistent for the past three months. NH4 Unregistered NO3 Unregistered PO4 Unregistered Mg 1200 ppm - A little low, but this has been consistent. Ca 420 ppm KH 8.7 dKH Ph 7.7 - A little low, but this has been consistent. Salinity is 1.024 Again, the livestock and GPS are doing well and growing. So I don't want to make any drastic changes, but I know that I need to bring the Mg and Ph up... Thanks!
  9. Hi Gonzo620 - Being familiar with this, I took care in placement for light and flow. The temperature was unchanged during this period. That is what baffles me. I know that there are cases where sometimes the coral just won't adapt, but for it to be doing so strong and well. Within 24 hours starting on day 5 to become a skeleton, is the part that I can't understand. I would think that if it was light, it would show up right away. I understand flow, but there is always some tolerance. Now if it went from low flow to high flow, I would get that, but the conditions were similar to the original tank..... Thanks for you input... I do appreciate it.
  10. Hi All - I have an issue that has just baffled me and I can use some help. I have a 65 gallon tank that has been up and running for about 6 months. It has been fully cycle and currently has two mocha Clownfish, a pink spotted Goby, a pistol shrimp, 2- peppermint shrimp and some hermits. I also have a softball size rock covered in green star polyp and some pulsing xenia. Everything has been doing well and thriving. Last Friday I added a frag hammer and a frag torch corals. They have been doing really well. They have been full and looked healthy. Then yesterday, Thursday they wouldn't open as much and I started losing polyps. Today all the polyps are gone on the Torch and on two of the four head of the hammer. All my chemistry has been good and within range. The only thing that has changed is my calcium has dropped, but still within the specified range. I had this happen sometimes on a previous tank that I had about eight years ago and really never was able to figure things out. However I would really like to address this and ensure that I don't continue this trend. Thanks in advance and I appreciate your comments and collective knowledge, Mark
  11. Hi All - I wanted to see what people were doing for an ATO container. I would like an acrylic one, but not for the asking prices for $140 to $180. I would like something in a 10 gallon that would fit a 10" x 16" footprint and is about 16" high. So what is everyone using? TIA, Mark
  12. Let me know when you are available when I could pick up some sand to seed my thanks
  13. Well, after 7 years I am finally getting a new tank set up. I started out with dry everything and need to seed the tank to kick it through a cycle. Is there anyone in the Noblesville area I can get a small piece from to get it kicked off. Thanks, Mark
  14. I appreciate the suggestions.... I am an engineer by discipline of 35 years out of school so I understand what I am getting into. I have everything I need, bulkhead, than etc. Drilling a 40 breeder is not a problem, but as someone that owns a lot of tools, I know sometimes people do not like to lend them out, so the offer to pay someone seemed right. A drill guide is easy and not a concern. Just trying to minimize my expenses. Thanks again for the input and suggestions. All are valid points..... Mark
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