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  1. You'd have to hard connect it to the new network for it to work that way btw. Guess that part is important , I cant see another way to reset the wireless other than legit resetting the unit, which is a pain but it does reload your profile if im not mistaken.
  2. I believe you need to make network changes via the local interface not fusion. So try going to apex.local
  3. Name: Orlando Clark Gender: male Age or Age Range: 33 Twitter/Instagram: rajilnaja Where are you from? Born in North Carolina, spent my entire adult life in Indy, currently living in the southport area. Type of Tank(s): 80 lps heavy reef Photo(s) of you: Full Tank Shot(s): Favorite tank pic(s): How long have you been in the hobby? 3 years What do you like most about the hobby? The challenge Other pets: just a cat Other hobbies: standard nerd stuff, gaming, comics, reptiles despite not actively housing any at this time, fish
  4. I didn't care for it, I picked up some decent frags. but seemed a little unorganized, and the venue spaced seemed a little misused or just plan to small for the crowd. I know its a newish venture so I don't want to sound to harsh, hopefully as they get more shows under their belt it can keep improving.
  5. Hey just curious how many are heading to RAP next week? Think we are doing 1 day. Hoping for a better experience than aquashella
  6. Still bouncing back from the gfo disaster and calcium reactor switch over alk swing.
  7. I run 24/7 also. I struggle with ph lows, even worse now that I added the calcium reactor. Ni negative impact so far.
  8. Sure that's not a testing error? What did you test with?
  9. I wouldn't worry just yet. Sometimes the goby just is waiting around for the shrimp to finish the tunnels. Sometimes the change in environment, will just make it take some time for them to link back up.
  10. Not quite 3 years but I'll play. we're at a little over 2 years.
  11. Still waiting for this to happen in our rock flower garden. No luck so far. Pretty sweet, good luck raising them!
  12. Only thing that worked for dinos for us was dosing nitrates and introducing cyanobacteria on purpose, believe it or not.
  13. @Mjnosz There is another thread in the member forums we are posting in, and I believe we are doing updates on or around the 15th of every month
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