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  1. Man I remember this tank! I got out, then back in, then upgraded three times during the span of your tank! Glad you are staying in the hobby!
  2. Yikes I don't know. I am evaluating my attendance. One possibility is the speaker was going to do a Skype call in based on his travel. If the event gets cancelled it might be cool to do a facebook live event. One concern is my reservations on reeftrader. I don't want to back out of them. So may need to schedule pick ups.
  3. Myself (Matt) and 11 year old son (Jackson) can help Saturday Morning. 3xl and Small
  4. Awesome....well that he is still around.
  5. Five gallon buckets, easier to handle to me. I would only keep half of the old water. Then have some new mixed up and ready at the new location.
  6. Brad still around? Seems their facebook page is no longer up. I hope so he had great stuff. Matt
  7. None, purely aesthetic. Using a light timer would work fine.
  8. I was openly critical of the higher end lighting choices such as the Radions. I have since upgraded to a deep dimension take where I need the spread of the G4 radions mated with the 24" wide aquatic life T5 hybrid fixture. I cannot even describe the difference in the coloration of the corals, now this was the same coral from my 60 cube now in a 200 gallon plus system so there are a lot of variables. However, these are quality units that have in my opinion really upgraded the lighting quality in my tank. With the T5's here is far less shading and much to my surprise to still get a slight shimmer. I "hotwired" the AL fixture to where I can switch on the two inside or two outside lights, stock setup is the two front or rear bulbs on/off. In this way I can turn on the two outside actinic bulbs on a half hour before and after the radions turn on. Then turn on the coral plus about an hour or so and then ramp the radions up/down throughout the day. AL does now make a dimmable fixture but it is considerably more than the standard fixture and as of two months ago only came in a 12" width. The rewiring of the fixture was not difficult but does void the manufacturers warranty. I followed a youtube tutorial on how to rewire the fixtures. I will link tonight after I get home from work.
  9. I remember talking with you and Jeremy about this! Stumbled across this thread this morning. CRAZY!
  10. I would like to renew but I have an expired order in my cart. In the past it auto renewed but i guess that stopped.
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