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  1. Pro-tips after a coral-stressing "chase" through my little 13.5: - You can use tongs to guide the worm, do NOT try to capture with tongs. They slip or rip right through (edges). - Steer it into the open by poking it's front or rear and when the whole body is visible, blow it off the rock with a baster (preferably into the container you have already placed in the tank nearby. This one didn't seem to have any control of locomotion while away from the rock (it didn't seem to swim) Cheers!
  2. I know it's a long shot, but I also know I have kept some odd creatures in the past. Been noticing a lack of snails in the tank this came out of for a while now - Guess I found the culprit. Info: https://reefbuilders.com/2022/02/10/pericelis-tectivorum-the-giant-predatory-flatworm/ Pics are post-capture in a standard "sample" cup.
  3. Nevermind. Confirmed AEFW by separating the coral and blowing off a few dozen smalls and the single large example. Testing Flatworm Exit first combined with Reef Dip. Updates later...
  4. Any chance these are anything but Acropora Eating Flatworm eggs?
  5. Planning on being there if I can get out of work early
  6. Anyone volunteered/been nominated for Education? (Hi. I'm "new" but not really)
  7. Had a fantastic time getting to see all of you in person and got some amazing corals added. Thanks to Doug and Cheryl for hosting and for having such excellent systems to gawk at!
  8. I was unable to find a Buy/Sell forum or thread... Am I missing something? NVM... I wasn't logged in. 🙄
  9. This isn't today is it? *Sigh* Just collected a ton of caulerpa and codium to make the trip...
  10. Not really able to bring anything exciting this time, but can't wait to see what I can find to cram into my little reef.
  11. Hi again all. Back from the reef-less place again, kind of. This is my work showcase tank. Started this in March of 2021 on the first day of my new job; after a drastic change of direction in my career path. At it's core it is a FluvalSEA EVO 13.5 with the standard filtration block in chamber 2, the FluvalSEA PS2 Mini Protein Skimmer (replaced 3 times due to pump failures) in chamber 1. The circulation pump and heater occupy chamber 3 and both have been upgraded from the recommended specs for more constant/reliable temperature regulation and more flow respectively. An old-skool deep sandbed wasn't really practical with the given space, so I tried my best to get a really well populated 2-3 inches (with bugs from as many different places as I could managed and using two varieties of pre-packaged live-sand for the base. Corals consists of donated frags from regular customers along the way, some frugal rescues of stressed/damaged frags, and cherry-picked favorites purchased from Petco (Bloomington Magnet Store), Tidal Gardens (online), and most recently Modern Aquatics (Stellar corals there!). Personal highlights include: - a branch of "Tracy Morgan" gorgonian (center-stage on the sand) - a nuclear candy cane (bottom-left on the rock base) - some Bam-bam zoas (middle-right behind some C. prolifera) - a recovering-from-brown-out rainbow monti (top-center behind the "E" in "GREAT"). I'm a plant-hoarder at heart, so there are also 3 varieties of Caulerpa sp., Codium sp. mounds, Gracilaria. Fish are limited to: - Koumansetta rainfordi "court jester" or "Rainfordi" gobies (2) - Stonogobiops yasha "Yasha gobies" (2) - Elacatinus multifasciatus "green-banded gobies" (2) - Acanthemblemaria hastingsi "cortez blenny" (1; received as a panamic barnacle blenny) Because I'm me, the fish are pretty secondary to the inverts which include: - Fire cleaner shrimp (1) - Red-banded pistol shrimp (2; paired symbiotically, one each with the Yasha gobies) - Pom-pom crabs; with pom-poms! (3) - Sexy shrimp (6) - Bumblebee shrimp (2) - porcelain crab, white with brown spots; filter feeder (1) - anemone crab, green-brown with teal highlights; filter feeder (1) - Bumblebee snails (5) - Nerite snails (3) - Stomatella snails (many) - Collonista snails (many) - Asterina stars (many) - Brittle micro stars (several) Good to be back. Cheers, Scott "Densityman" Chevalier
  12. Putting this on the calendar and looking forward to rejoining the madness.
  13. So are LED banks the new metal halides?
  14. Thanks for the "Subscriptions" tip (I figured it out after posting, but assumed that was for topics I was subscribed to - LOL). All paid up and ready to spend money on tanks/water/stuff. Starting small... need to stay mobile for the time being. Looking to start in something long and deep. Was originally planning another 10g mantis tank, but may step that plan up to a 20L. Still formulating a plan.
  15. Good to be "back." I have a lot of research and spending to do before I'm actually back though. Still good to be thinking about it again. *grin* ps - who do I get dues to these days?
  16. Greetings all, Long time lurker thinking about stating up a reef tank. Maybe even a species-specific tank revolving around a Stomatopod. Anyone have any tips or suggestions? *grin* Enough of that... dropped off the reef hard a few years back, but as always seems to be the case I've got the itch again. Thought I'd start by coming in here and seeing if anybody I knew might still be in active (and/or remember me)? Gonna start slow and small, but know how it'll end up eventually. Also feeling a little nostalgic (for the "good old days") and guilty (for fading into the shadows so quickly when I did). Hope all is well and glad to see this place still standing. More catching up later, have lots of reading and planning yet to catch up on. Cheers! Scott/DM
  17. Dancing ninjas? Love the skimmer workshop idea and hope to be able to attend. (See, I'm still here...)
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