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  1. I have a question. I tested with fresh RO water for a week. The system is running perfectly. I added the salt Last night. All of my rock was dry. How long do I have to wait to introduce live rock? Things have changed since I did this before. What is the best way live rock or pods from algae barn? Let me know your thoughts. Thanks
  2. I got the tank up and running. So far all is good, no floods. What do you all think? Thanks Pete I appreciate it. I am happy with how it turned out. So far everything is doing what it is supposed to. I'll let it run a couple more days and if everything is good I'll add the salt.
  3. I got the tank up and running. So far all is good, no floods. What do you all think?
  4. This is my sump. It is a 100 gallon Rubbermaid farm tub. I can use it if I have a major catastrophic failure in my display tank
  5. This is a 75 gallon I have in the basement I tied it into my system. My new 240 is still sitting in the back of my pickup. I'll have enough guys over this weekend to get it in the house.
  6. Thanks Pete's that stain is called worn navy. It was a leap of faith, I like how it turned out. I planned to paint it if the stain didn't work. Take care
  7. Here is another shot of the canopy. It is going to hang from the ceiling. I am using griplock cable system
  8. I have my light box done. I'm real happy how it came out. 400W x 2 MH and 2 Reefbrite 48" atinic blue
  9. 240 planet aquarium. 60 x 36 x 24 I am all excited about it
  10. I am installing a new tank in our living room. I needed to remodel it before I pick up the new tank from Jeremy. I could not find my shop lights. Oh yeah not a problem, 2 x 400w MH who needs a shop light anyways. The tank is going where the plumbing is sticking up through the floor. Take care, Mike
  11. Thanks, when I was here before you moved to Canada right? Welcome back. Take care
  12. I have been out of the club and the hobby for 7 years. I was gone for 5 years traveling. I am getting back in. What the hell am I thinking? This hobby is a complete pain in the butt. I have missed it. I bought a new tank yesterday from Jeremy. Tank 60 x 36 x 24 240 gallons Sump 100 gallon Rubbermaid 75 gallon tank for whatever. Lights main 400w x 2 MH I am going to get 2 LED strips for pop. The blue ones Sump 250w x 2 MH 75 GALLON. 250 w x 2 MH The reason for all the MH is my fish room is in the basement and it is cold down there. I need the heat. The sump one is basically to heat the whole area around it. The main display is upstairs in the living room . I need to buy a skimmer, any suggestions? I am looking at the middle of April to bring bring the system online. My interest is SPS and clams. I will have questions as I get going on it take care
  13. My name is Mike. I used to be a member of indmas I am going to try to come to the meeting
  14. I won the raffle last month Hip Hip Horray
  15. bucket of salt $10.00 5 bulbs @$5 EACH so that is good
  16. I thought this was funny, The urchin ate all the rest of the nori on the Veggie clip
  17. reefnfun

    the reef

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    From the album: the reef

  19. Liquify is what it does. I am sure it would probably do the same to those mushrooms
  20. Hi everyone: I won the Zapper at the frag swap raffle, Those of you that have seen my tank know I really needed it. The thing is better than therapy. I have had so much fun zapping them into oblivion. its a blast having the upper hand for once. fun fun fun. I live on the west side. If you have a Aiptasia problem let me know and I'll bring it over and zap yours. Take care
  21. I have the same pump. Its awesome, Mine pumps about 30 feet over and 12 feet up
  23. In the winter I have trouble keeping the temp. up. I never let it get below 72 degrees. so all year long my takn is 72-78. I have a basement sump so it keeps it cool.
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