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  1. Thanks for having the meeting Mike. You tank system is amazing. I reflected on it after the meeting. Your main goal is the safety of the inhabitants and you go to great lengths to assure that. Your bioload is low by design. I got some ideas on Saturday to improve my own system. I run a high bioload and battle algae. Take care, See you in May
  2. I will be there Friday night and Saturday Morning. Take care, Mike
  3. I am planning on coming I have to check my work schedule
  4. Great meeting Doug. Thanks for having us. I am looking forward to seeing your system up and running. It is awesome. Take care.
  5. I got off work in time so I will be there. Take care Mike
  6. I bought this frag. From James at Modern. It is a no name acro. I got it home and out it in the tank and said OMG It's beautiful. The mother colony behind it was more yellow. Does anyone recognize this frag or did you take it to Jeremy? If this is a no name it needs one lol. Let me know if you have any ideas. Thanks
  7. I will be there and am really looking forward to it Take care
  8. You are so positive on here all the time. It's not good to see you down. I forget to turn off the RO water regularly. It's a running joke I say don't worry Kimmy it's only a small flood. The spot on the floor looks small to me. It could have been a lot worse. Good luck fixing it so it won't do that again. Take care.
  9. I recently came back into the hobby. I had to ponder before I did it. Am I sure I want to do this again. the answer was yes. So I hooked up my calcium reactor. It was running great I was so proud, Its a huge reactor by the way. I set the bubble count at 40 bubbles per minute. I bought reactor media, I got my 10 LB tank filled with C02. I am thinking I am good for 8 months or so on this. Well I went through 8 months of CO2 in 3 days. Such is the life of a reefer, its always something. The reactor was a trainwreck. The check valve didn't even slow down the water going into the CO2 regulator. oh
  10. Welcome to INDMAS your tank looks great. See you in August.
  11. I will be there and am looking forward to it. Take care
  12. I have a question. I tested with fresh RO water for a week. The system is running perfectly. I added the salt Last night. All of my rock was dry. How long do I have to wait to introduce live rock? Things have changed since I did this before. What is the best way live rock or pods from algae barn? Let me know your thoughts. Thanks
  13. I got the tank up and running. So far all is good, no floods. What do you all think? Thanks Pete I appreciate it. I am happy with how it turned out. So far everything is doing what it is supposed to. I'll let it run a couple more days and if everything is good I'll add the salt.
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