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  1. I cannot make this meeting, My grandkids are in town from GA. Alan has great money saving hacks on additives. I bought 40 Lbs. of Magnesium Chloride as road runner pet friendly ice melt. I was only nervous the 1st time I dumped it in the tank, it works great. I probably saved over 80% by not using Pet store brands. have fun everyone.
  2. Thanks Mike, great meeting and great food. I was impressed we had 4 new members show up. I hope you new members continue to come to the meetings.
  3. I am planning on being there, looking forward to it.
  4. I will be there Bob. Looking forward to it.
  5. I think the field trip is good idea. I am going to be able to make this one. Take care
  6. Dear club if you are coming to reefapalooza on Sunday we highly suggest stadium Pizza right up the street $5 buckets I've never seen that in my life. $3 shots and the pizza is great thanks you're welcome. Me and Jb87 are partying. All of the good stuff is going to be gone on Sunday you missed it
  7. I am thinking about going. I am not for sure yet.
  8. Thanks Denise and Mike, You have very nice tanks. I have already added 1 of the MH lights I got from you to my display tank. Take care.
  9. I cannot make it this time I have to work that day. have fun
  10. Woah your really traveling on Saturday. Ill look for you take care
  11. I am going to go to the frag swap right at 11:00 then go home and leave out later for Seymour. Is anyone else doing this? Take care, Mike
  12. I bought Dusky Jawfish. It is very healthy and doing great. I have been looking for one for awhile. It was amazing to see how he pulled that off. I know he sold a ton of fish. Take care
  13. Thanks for having the meeting Mike. You tank system is amazing. I reflected on it after the meeting. Your main goal is the safety of the inhabitants and you go to great lengths to assure that. Your bioload is low by design. I got some ideas on Saturday to improve my own system. I run a high bioload and battle algae. Take care, See you in May
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