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  1. I'm locked out of the For Sale forums too.
  2. catdoc

    Vacation Help

    Yep, I'm in Bloomington. I might be able to help you out. Send me a private message and we'll see what I can do to help.
  3. catdoc

    new Baby Girl

    Congratulations! She's just adorable! I didn't realize that you'd been on bedrest, that's a real drag. BTDT, hated it. I was wondering about you last week and thought I'd missed the birth announcement. I'm so excited for you! Hope you're all getting settled in and figuring out the routine. Russ, you can find her whole album if you delete everything after .com in the link.
  4. Little bit of a rumbler this morning and wonder if you Indy folks felt it too. It looks like it was about a 5.4 magnitude centered in southern Illinois. Hubby and I were both asleep but woke us up immediately aware of what it was--really unmistakable. Weird thing was you could hear it before you could feel it. FWIW, my animals were clueless--so much for them alerting me to the danger!
  5. Is t here a picture thread yet? I want to torture myself and see what I missed.
  6. Silly me, I assumed everyone else would get the Darryls reference too. Now I have to feel old.
  7. All 20 are thriving. I'm trying to get them transitioned to prepared food because I'm tired of hatching the brine. They're sampling, reluctantly so far. I have someone who wants to get 6 of them, the rest are up for grabs. I can't make it to the frag swap (work) this year. :cry:
  8. Congrats to the family!! He's adorable, bet he's already got Mommy and Daddy wrapped around his finger! So, is INDMAS going to start providing daycare at meetings? Sounds like a lot of babies happening!
  9. Because I don't already have enough to do, yesterday I netted my male bangaii b/c he had a mouthful of babies ready to go. It's been a year since I raised that first brood, so I guess I've forgotten how much work it was! LOL! I collected 20 babies, a bit more than the last time and this time around they were a couple days older than the first batch when collected. Hopefully, that'll improve the success rate. They had their first meal of fresh-hatched artemia and look pretty strong. They really are cute, perfect miniature versions of the adults. My girls have already decided that we're keeping them all and they've been attempting to name them but get confused over which is which within seconds.
  10. Wow...not much help on the smaller set-up other than to say you are going to be super-busy in a few months! We have twins, born when their big sister was 22 months old and it was all that I could do to keep up with my FW tank at the time (in other words, lucky that my fish survived months without water changes and tank top-offs). Your wife is really going to need you. In all honesty, be sure to make the smaller tank as easy to maintain as possible (or even consider putting it on hold). Hope that I don't sound too discouraging, but I've been through the newborn phase with multiples and it's going to be hectic, sleepless, and you may not have time to spend with your wife, much less keep your SW tank as nice as you'd like. The first year of twin motherhood was a blur for me, sleep deprivation will do that. Keep life as simple as possible for now, the babies will liven it up plenty. Congrats and best wishes! Keep us posted on the babies and mom. I'm guessing she must be about 8-10 weeks along? What's the EDD?
  11. I was doing a water change this weekend and managed to bump the powerhead that feeds my above-tank fuge. It was just enough to dislodge it from the flexible tubing that it pumps into. So the fuge drained low enough that it broke the siphon to the U-tube overflow. I heard it suck air and corrected the powerhead/tubing issue. I have airline tubing fed into the U-tube to keep air bubbles from accumulating in there and breaking the siphon, so I just plugged the fuge-feeding powerhead back into the tubing and let the fuge fill, continuing with my water change. Unfortunately (can you see where this is going?) I'd also bumped the airline tubing away from the suctioning powerhead, so the siphon didn't start back up as the fuge filled!! Luckily I was standing right there as it happened and not a lot of water poured over the tank's edge, but it was good for an OMG (and a few other choice words)! Am I the only one who tries to clean up these little floods without announcing to my spouse why I suddenly need a stack a towels and the mop? LOL, like he can't figure it out! I need to get a float valve on the fuge to kick off the powerhead that feeds the fuge, better get that ordered before I forget again. I've also flooded the kitchen more times than I count when I've forgotten that I had a 5 gallon bucket filling with RODI. Now I fill a 38 gallon trash bin with it in the basement, so I flood the basement instead!
  12. How do I know which part to replace? I'm electronically illiterate. 8O
  13. Did you get your clone from me? If so, I know how it goes!
  14. My 250W pfo ballast died a few weeks ago. I had a spare 175 to fill in, but I'd like to get this one fixed if I can. Anyone know what to do? I did open it up and the switch looks ok (I'd heard they melted sometimes). Beyond that, I have NO CLUE what to look for. Is it repairable by a hobbyist or will it need to be sent in for repair?
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