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  1. Just messing around with my new lens filters on my iPhone. I need to work on getting better video.
  2. I authorized a payment through PayPal for my membership renewal and then a couple of days later, an automatic payment also posted. Can someone look into this and refund the extra payment? Thanks!
  3. Thanks Brandon! Pic is post chopping. I pretty much finished chopping everything for the swap a couple of weeks ago.
  4. Here's my rare random full tank shot. Got the camera out to take some pics of frags for ReefTrader and decided to snap a quick photo
  5. Nice tank! I really like the aquascape. 40 breeders have great dimensions for a nice looking reef!
  6. This is from 2016 but I'd imagine it's still pretty similar http://www.brownsburg.org/egov/documents/1498141573_6057.pdf
  7. AI Hydra 26 HDs. I’m very happy with them. My corals have good growth rate and coloration. Right now I have 2 over my 80gallon but would like to add a 3rd.
  8. I'll be posting at some point soon. Still have to stop being lazy and get some pics taken of everything.
  9. Sorry this was supposed to be a message.  Message sent.  Thanks

  10. I sent payment on 12/10 and sent a table request thru pm as well. I don’t think I ever got a response so I just want to make sure you have me down. Thanks!
  11. I'm using this as well. I'm only starting on my second week now and I've started to notice some of my GHA receding a little. The bottle states only 1x a week but everybody that has a bad algae issue seems to be doing 2x a week with no ill effects. The only thing I've seen to be careful of is your nitrates. At first, if a ton of algae is dying, they can increase. If you are already running an ulns with very little algae, your nitrates can drop off and cause corals to pale.
  12. That's impressive! I'm going to be ordering a bottle to try to knock out some hair algae and bryopsis that I've been dealing with ever since I did a tank move. The thread on the other forum is pretty convincing too. There are enough independent reviews that show this stuff is legitimate and very few negative comments. There is another thread on that forum where someone is capturing images of vibrant under a microscope and finding some pretty unique looking bacteria that they weren't finding in the other marketed bacteria in a bottle. The owner of vibrant is answering questions on th
  13. Vibrant Liquid Aquarium Cleaner - Here's a thread over at r2r - http://reef2reef.com/threads/vibrant-liquid-aquarium-cleaner-discussion-thread.271428/page-23 I'm really skeptical about this kind of stuff but I'm really surprised at all of the reported success with it. If this somehow proves to be legit, it will be a game changer when it comes to dealing with really bad algae outbreaks with dinos, gha, etc. I still think most of those issues are caused by poor husbandry, overstocking or insufficient filtration and those would need to be resolved for long term results but this stuff w
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