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  1. Do we have assigned spots or how does that work this year?
  2. Thanks Mike. I haven’t got a response from Ben but I just went ahead and sent PayPal payment.
  3. I’m waiting to hear back from Ben so I can pay but i just want to make sure my spot is there since I responded. Thanks!
  4. If there is still a spot left, I would like a table. Thanks
  5. Just messing around with my new lens filters on my iPhone. I need to work on getting better video.
  6. I authorized a payment through PayPal for my membership renewal and then a couple of days later, an automatic payment also posted. Can someone look into this and refund the extra payment? Thanks!
  7. Thanks Brandon! Pic is post chopping. I pretty much finished chopping everything for the swap a couple of weeks ago.
  8. Here's my rare random full tank shot. Got the camera out to take some pics of frags for ReefTrader and decided to snap a quick photo
  9. Nice tank! I really like the aquascape. 40 breeders have great dimensions for a nice looking reef!
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