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  1. Just messing around with my new lens filters on my iPhone. I need to work on getting better video.
  2. I authorized a payment through PayPal for my membership renewal and then a couple of days later, an automatic payment also posted. Can someone look into this and refund the extra payment? Thanks!
  3. I know this is tough but I think it was the right decision. I appreciate all of the effort that went in to setting this up and I’m really sad to see it postponed. I’ll be looking forward to August!
  4. Thanks Brandon! Pic is post chopping. I pretty much finished chopping everything for the swap a couple of weeks ago.
  5. Here's my rare random full tank shot. Got the camera out to take some pics of frags for ReefTrader and decided to snap a quick photo
  6. Nice tank! I really like the aquascape. 40 breeders have great dimensions for a nice looking reef!
  7. This is from 2016 but I'd imagine it's still pretty similar http://www.brownsburg.org/egov/documents/1498141573_6057.pdf
  8. AI Hydra 26 HDs. I’m very happy with them. My corals have good growth rate and coloration. Right now I have 2 over my 80gallon but would like to add a 3rd.
  9. I'll be posting at some point soon. Still have to stop being lazy and get some pics taken of everything.
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