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  1. I'll be moving to my new home the first weekend of November, and I wondered if anyone has any big Rubbermaid stock tanks that are currently not full of water. Id like to borrow/rent them for a week or 2 to house my water, rock, and livestock so I can setup and plumb my tank without having to rush. Thanks Donnie
  2. Just FYI, i get a malicious website warning in opera when i visit indmas. i also tried it with chrome and there is no warning there.
  3. Not selling any time soon, just refinancing... and if I were selling, the way I've built it, the tank could be removed pretty easily...
  4. I knew it wouldn't increase value... I just didn't want to negatively impact the value. I'm doing the kitchen, bathrooms and I've added outdoor living space and new flooring throughout. Pretty good roi on those projects, typically. My house was also obscenely under appraised when I bought it based on the comps. smaller houses with smaller lots and less amenities have recentlt sold in my neighborhood for 20-30k more than what my house appraised for.
  5. Just curious if anyone has had an appraisal done on their home after installing an in wall tank... doing a ton of upgrades to my house and I plan to refinance in the spring. Just wondering how the big tank in the wall is going to impact the appraised value.
  6. I love it. It originally had the old style controller, which failed, but premium took care of me super fast. All the new ones will have the new larger controller which isn't as prone to failure.
  7. i think i've decided to go with the larger pumps for exactly that reason... headroom is always a good thing to have. if the 3250gph is too much, they can be dialed down to as little as 950.
  8. Looking into cost effective options for my new 225 build, I got a great deal on the 4 way Koralia 12v controller, so thats the route i'm going. I have a Waveline DC10000ii return pump, and i'm trying to decide between 4 of the 1550gph koralias, or 4 of the 3250. the 1550's will give me a total turnover of around 40x/hour, and the 3250's will be around 70x. of course this is running full bore all the time, which will not be the case. i will be running them on an alternating pulse from the controller giving me a wave action, so i'm leaning towards the 3250's. right now i have mostly zoos in my tank, with a couple lps. eventually i'm sure i will move on to SPS, but i would like to let the tank mature for a while before i head that way. How much flow are you guys running in your tanks, and what corals are you keeping?
  9. I am driving down to the east side of indy this afternoon to pick up a new tank. its a 225g glass tank... need 2 or 3 strong backs to help load this sucker up into my truck. i have no current frags to offer, but i would give an iou for future help or frags to anyone that can help out. shoot me a pm if you're available... thanks donnie
  10. I think the wife and I will be there...
  11. Got mine today... thanks for letting me get in on it! Sent from my SCH-I605 using Tapatalk
  12. Sweet. I definitely want one, might get two... will know here shortly and send payment *Payment for 2 sent*
  13. What is the regular retail price of this stuff? Sent from my SCH-I605 using Tapatalk
  14. room for one more? i'll take one bucket if its still open.
  15. That looks like my scrap bin... Sent from my SCH-I605 using Tapatalk
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