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  1. In this day and age it is mind boggling that we are still writing checks to pay for memberships. I sent a check almost two weeks ago and am still waiting for my access to all the forums. Why is it taking this long? I have friends in other clubs and they can’t believe we are living in the age of the dinosaur. Last year the address I was given was incorrect and that delayed it and this year I have no idea why.
  2. What are the colors

  3. I am of the other camp, I believe the return should have as few elbows and restrictions as possible. For every one you add the flow is reduced, depending on how much could mandate a larger pump. I try to use sweeping elbows and flexible lines as much as possible to reduce this decrease.
  4. I have paid my dues but still can't see dry good forum


  5. Still getting error that I have already purchased, same as last year
  6. No there are two return pumps. I use one to run the skimmer, chiller, calcium reactor, and the Macro-algae Reactor and one 1" return. The other one runs the UV and the other 1" return and I have the closed loop
  7. Now all I need is more coral, fish, and time. I will start adding a couple fish to my QT soon.
  8. The tank has had water in it for just under two months and this is what we came up with, please remember I am a terrible photographer. I am still playing around with the lighting and am missing one of the Radians, in for repair or replacement
  9. Bought them one at a time trying to increase contact time, should increase efficiency.
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