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  1. I think the problem should be solved now. Members should be able to upload 5 MB photos and 10 MB movies. Please try uploading and report back.
  2. Very cool! Thanks for sharing! My daughters are interested in starting an "ant farm."
  3. OK. I had to open a support case on this. I'll let you know what I find out.
  4. I just uploaded a relatively large photo and it displays fine: Are you saying that the gallery is restricting your upload size? Once you upload, you can adjust the display size of the photo along the top:
  5. ejsimcox


  6. Thanks for the feedback. I'll look into it. It may be a server issue.
  7. Try clearing the app cache on your mobile device and log in using your indmas credentials. By the way, the forum software companies will be phasing out Tapatalk support because of the much improved support for HTML5 and responsive design. Many people believe there is very little benefit to using Tapatalk any more as opposed to the native site now that mobile browsers and forum websites are so sophisticated.
  8. You can look up members of any group using the search box and advanced search filters. You can get a directory listing this way, but not as straight forward.
  9. Done. Paying members now have 5x the amount of message storage. Thanks for the suggestion.
  10. Great. The big update to the site broke our link to Paypal. Should be good to go now.
  11. Please try Paypal again and let us know if is works. Thanks!
  12. Please try now and see if it works....
  13. @Jaco that's a great suggestion. Check it now
  14. The newest upgrade of our software and server has much better photo and video upload and viewing support. 1) File sizes up to 32 MB 2) High res photos don't need to be cropped or downgraded in quality 3) Snap photos and videos; then upload live from your smartphone!
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