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  1. Me and my father will be attending! Looking forward to seeing everyone!
  2. Just some more pictures of my new tank.
  3. Recently when I went in to mondern aquatix I saw a 70 gallon reef tank. I got it to be able to expand on my fish selection and coral selection. Give me any tips bits of advice if you can or want. (The clamp light is not for the tank!)
  4. I'm looking to start keeping more hard corals such as green goblin and such I was wondering if there are any tips or tricks I could use? I was also wondering if I could hear any person antidotes revolving around hard corals?
  5. I have had this tank for about 9 months and I was wondering if there is anything I could do better with. It's a 40 bowfront tank
  6. Me and my father will be there! Also is it another potluck
  7. Hello this is Maxwell I'm a new member and I wanted to let you know that me and my dad will be attending. Hope to see all of you guys for the first time!
  8. Thank you everyone that helped make this event possible because it gave me a chance to experience new corals I was never exposed too. A special thanks to vendors such as modern aquatix and Fish nerds corals for having phenomenal coral selection. Also thank you to everyone that was welcoming to questions and being so helpful. I thank all of you for this wonderful day that I have had. Looking forward to seeing all of you in April.
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