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  1. Has anyone had any experience with the Kessil A360? I bought the Red Sea reefer 250 and I’m looking at these lights? Do you like them? Is 2 going to be enough for my tank?
  2. I'm looking to purchase the Red Sea Reefer 250. Does anyone know if Premium has any promo codes I could use? Thanks!
  3. When I bought him, he was in a very low flow system. I have never seemed to have had much luck with these guys but I wanted to try again. Does this look like too much flow? Click Here For Video
  4. So I ended up tearing down the tank and putting it back together when I got to DC. I scrubbed the rocks and thought surely it would get rid of the cyano. Well about a week after setting it back up, everything was covered in it again. I bought chemi-clean off of amazon and I think it was the best purchase I have ever made. 48 hours after dosing, there was no sign of cyano. Ultimately my corals took a hit from being "suffocated" by that stuff, but i'm hoping to bring them back. Photos
  5. Just out of curiosity, how many registered members are we up to? Not paid, just all members overall. I tried looking around on the website but I didn't see anything. Thanks!
  6. Actually I just read about injecting them with boiling RO water. I may try that.
  7. Thanks! The zoos actually were stressed from a cyano outbreak, but I finally got that taken care of. What’s the best way for me to get rid of the aptasia? There’s only one. The idea of the “juice” kinda scares me putting it in the tank and I don’t have an aptasia wand. Could I cut it with scissors or something?
  8. Well surprisingly he is actually eating. Hopefully I can fatten him up here soon. Here’s a video.
  9. Awesome thank you! Things are going good! I haven’t found a local club in Virginia so I’m going to just stay on here and probably fly in for the frag swap haha.
  10. So I bought a Rainford Goby from my LFS yesterday. He already looks kind of skinny. I want to make sure that I give him what he needs. Does anyone have any tips/tricks on what I should be feeding and how often? The LFS told me to feed a mixture of frozen reef plankton and cyclops. What do you guys think?
  11. Ah sweet, yea I live in Indianapolis now, close to the airport. Im moving to DC here soon or I would have definitely taken you up on that offer. Not sure what i'll do when I get to DC but maybe I should test the Walmart water and see how it holds up. I really only need about 10 gallons a month and I have the jugs already.
  12. Okay sweet that’s what I thought. I’m in an apartment so I don’t really think I can set up an RODI. Can you use any sort of bottled water from the store?
  13. Hey Guys, My nano has been up and running for about 3 months now and I can not get rid of the Cyano for the life of me. I do a 25% water change weekly, i've done black out periods, increased the flow.. Water tests show perfect water conditions.. The only thing I can think of is that the RO water that i'm buying from Uncle Bill's is bad? If anyone has any other ideas, I sure can use the advice! Thanks!!
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