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    I sell reverse mortgages to wealthy people to use as financial tools to grow their net estate values.

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  1. Welcome back to the dark side!
  2. Radions would be my suggestion, I run all Hydra HD on my two tanks, but I don't keep high end coral -- I hear they are fine for that though, too.
  3. It always hard to ID post Mortem, and redness shows up quickly. Did you ever see any spots or “dusting” on the fish? Heavy breathing? Hiding from light? Swimming in to powerheads? Flashing? Scratching? Cryptic behavior? Twitching? How long ago did you add the foxface? Foxface have very thick slime coats so they’re often Newley impervious to all but the nastiest parasite afflictions. Sorry for your loss
  4. Welcome home, you will love it here! Let’s see some tank pics!
  5. Welcome home, you will love it here! Let’s see some tank pics!
  6. Super sad, crazy that it moved that quickly
  7. Welcome. Thanks for quarantining my fish bud!
  8. Thanks, he’s pretty fat these days
  9. I’ve had mine take a year or more or figure it out in less than 24 hours. Congrats!
  10. These photos were of the fish fresh out of quarantine.
  11. I never did post any photos of it, but I’ve had this guy a few months. He’s doing well. Here he is meeting the resident tank boss Desjardini Sailfin tang. They get along fine but they were obviously displaying! These guys are a lot cheaper these days. As beautiful as the fish is, I admit that they’re a bit overrated now that I have one. Whatever, it was a bucket list item I can check off.
  12. Thanks, was something unique I hadn’t seen before. I did see some on google images, so I’m not the first. I like how it turned out, thanks!
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