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  1. Just launched my channel where I’ll be posting my progress with the BioCube16 with a focus on Beginner Tips. Feel free to Subscribe to follow-along and interact in the comments on YouTube! The tank is 3 months old. However, the series will start from day 0, before adding salt. First video is an intro. Planning to do a 5-10min review of the BioCube16 soon and will follow with all of the steps of aquascaping, cycling, & stocking the tank. Intro Video:
  2. I’ll be there (Jason) and I’m bringing Keegan, a prospective member. Looking forward to it!
  3. Bahama Reefer

    Spearo's BioCube16

    My first aquarium! Added salt on April 13, 2022. At 3mo: Corals: 13, including a goni that hasn't grown yet, a candcane that hasn't split, large gorgonian, pocillopora, a kenya tree, GSP, xenia, waiting on torches, etc until clowns host Fish: 2 clown fish, 1 Royal Gramma & 1 Banggai Cardinal (in QT) Inverts: 1 Rose Bubble Tip Anemone (added 7/7/22), 1 conch, 2 hermits, 2 cerith snails, 2 astrea snails, 2 stomatella snails, spaghettis worms (YUK)
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