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  1. At one of our last meetings (Mike’s) I picked a baseball size bag of chaeto. I never had much success with chaeto before, but this batch started doing really well for us in our sump. The chaeto ball has gotten now to be the size of a basketball. When is it best to start pulling portions of the chaeto and how much should be cultivated per week or month? Would it be best for me to just pull and then restock with clean chaeto from a club member every month?
  2. Thank you Craig & Connie for hosting our June meeting. The food was great and all the company was exceptional! See you all again at Puff Dragons in July..
  3. Looking forward to it! I’ll be there + 1 (Margie) We will be bringing potato salad
  4. I’ll be there. Looking forward to checking out Mikes tank.
  5. I can work the front door from 1-3 along with tear-down support 4-5 tshirt-LG
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