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  1. Hey all. I am buying a full 125 gallon setup. I am picking it up Saturday at 4 but the guy that usually helps me with this has to leave town due to a family emergency. Anyone interested in helping? I will pay you for your help. If you have a truck or SUV even better. Otherwise I will rent one from Lowe's. Tank is in Avon and I live in Carmel. There is a snowflake eel coming with it that I am on the fence whether I want to keep it. Thanks.
  2. I was thinking last night that maybe it was something expelled from an anemone, but doesn't look like you have any or even any LPS. How big is it usually, and is it like mucus?
  3. What do you have in your tank? That may help identify it.
  4. Thought some of you would get a kick out of this: http://www.ebay.com/itm/2PCS-Danger-labels-for-your-Aquarium-Fish-Tank-10-20-55-any-gallon-decoration-/110903020581?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item19d255cc25
  5. You are right, it's the regular Naso. And, pwoller is right about the ticked off part
  6. It does look like Feather Caulerpa. Several turbo snails will probably wipe that out in no time. http://www.melevsreef.com/id/caulerpa_feather.html
  7. Love the blonde Naso, its face reminds me of a baboon when its looking at you.
  8. Yeah, def. Here's a good article on readings http://web.archive.org/web/20001215070800/http:/www.animalnetwork.com/fish2/aqfm/1999/mar/features/1/default.asp IO is def. on the low end of Calcium. Funny thing is according to those charts, Seachem is fairly spot of for alk and ca
  9. Thats what makes it tough, seems like you find varying results all over. As usual I am probably over researching, but don't want to be using a salt that is lacking essentials while I could easily use a better salt for the same or a little more money.
  10. Now that I am getting more serious about corals, I am looking into possibly using a better salt. Currently I use IO as it is cheap and easily obtained. This is fine for my fowlr but I don't think it is so good for my reef tank. What do you guys use and if you don't mind, why? There is so much debate about salts out there.
  11. I grew up on the eastside, does that count? :)

  12. Whatever you do, don't get macro from The Reef for your DT unless you want a tank full of Aiptasia. I got some a while back and now my sump has a ton of them. Not a big deal for my sump, just don't want to see someone put them in their DT.
  13. Awesome, glad to hear. These will be my first MH's so they look to be a good AIO setup. I've seen many good reviews. This tank is my first nano and I want to make it more coral focused and have my 150g be strictly fowlr.
  14. Hey guys, on RC I have talked with some people about buying a used Current Sunpod. The setup is nice and can be picked up for a nice price compared to other MH setups. My question is, is going to 250W worth the extra money or would 250W be excessive for at 26g? What corals kinds or corals would I not beable to keep with the 150W. I am interested in keeping Frogspawn, Hammers, Duncans and the like. Thanks!
  15. Something def. seems off there. It looks like its just a very motivated seller until that third picture, the proportions seem off. Either way, that bubble coral in the middle of the second picture is awesome!
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